Posted on 2/21/2016

If Rasmea Odeh appeal ruling is denied before noon, then protest at Federal Buildings 5 p.m., otherwise next day at 5 p.m.

Posted on 8/19/2015

We are calling on you to join the Week of Justice for Rasmea Odeh between Tuesday, September 8 and Monday, September 14, 2015. We need you to organize support for this 68-year-old Palestinian women, a victim of Israeli torture and U.S. government...

Posted on 5/4/2012

Share it with your family, friends and co-workers....

Posted on 5/3/2012
Starting today, and through the end of the trial, call Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley every day at 213-974-3512: Demand...
Posted on 4/6/2012

The FBI wants to frame up Carlos Montes. At his next court hearing on Thursday, April 26 in Los Angeles, it is likely the trial day will be set for Carlos Montes.  The last court hearing date results were mixed, as we expected to obtain a more...

Posted on 3/25/2012

Stop the Frame-up of Carlos Montes! Court Hearing to Uncover FBI Lies: Tuesday, March 27th - Call In Day! 

Posted on 2/23/2012

The FBI is relentlessly persecuting Carlos Montes. At his next court hearing on March 2 in Los Angeles, Carlos Montes’ lawyer will make discovery motions on how FBI special agent Matt Weber worked with L.A....

Posted on 2/14/2012

1. Call Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas at ...

Posted on 2/8/2012

-- President Obama at 202-456-1111 &
-- Attorney General Holder at 202-514-2001
Demand: “Drop the charges against Carlos Montes. There is no evidence!”