Statements of Solidarity

If your organization has issued a statement of solidarity with those targeted by the FBI raids, please e-mail it to us:

Author Statement Category Post datesort icon
North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC) Against the September 24th FBI Raids Political 10/3/2010
Muslimah Writers Alliance Muslimah Writers Alliance Joins Oct. 4-5 National Call-In Days to End Repression of Anti-War and Int'l Solidarity Activists Religious 10/2/2010
Women Against Military Madness An Enemy of the State? Anti-War 10/2/2010
Socialist Alliance Socialist Alliance: Solidarity with U.S. Socialists and Anti-War Activists Raided by FBI Political 10/2/2010
African People's Solidarity Committee and Uhuru Solidarity Movement Statement in Support of Groups Raided by the FBI International Solidarity 10/2/2010
Solidarity Stand Against FBI Raids and Intimidation! Political 10/2/2010
Socialist Alternative FBI Raids Homes of Antiwar, Socialist Activists - Community Defense Campaign Immediately Launched Political 10/2/2010
Bring the Ruckus Bring the Ruckus Statement on FBI Raids Political 10/2/2010
Socialist Workers Party Socialists: End Spying and Disruption! Political 10/2/2010
Socialist Action Defend Free Speech! No FBI Intimidation! Political 10/2/2010
International Action Center Denounce FBI Raids, Grand Jury Repression
International Solidarity
Council on American-Islamic Relations Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Alarmed by FBI Raids of Peace Activists' Homes Civil Liberties 10/1/2010
Political Research Associates FBI Raids Reveal Repressive Apparatus Run Amok Political 10/1/2010
International Socialist Organization Solidarity Against the FBI Raids Political 10/1/2010
Mobilization Against War & Occupation Stop the FBI Raids and Harassment! Condemn FBI Raids Against Anti-War & Social Justice Activists! Anti-War 10/1/2010
Arab American Action Network Arab American Action Network Board Statement on FBI Raids 10/1/2010
Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAc) Solidarity with Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists 10/1/2010
Socialist Party USA No to FBI Raids! Yes to Political Freedom! Political 10/1/2010
Muslim Public Affairs Council Following Chicago Raids on Antiwar Activists, MPAC Cautions Against Connecting Material Support with Nonviolence
Amy Goodman: FBI Raids and the Criminalization of Dissent 9/30/2010