Statements of Solidarity

If your organization has issued a statement of solidarity with those targeted by the FBI raids, please e-mail it to us:

Author Statement Category Post datesort icon
SEIU Local 73 SEIU Local 73 Resolution Supporting Joe Iosbaker & Condemning FBI Raids Labor 11/26/2010
Solidarity Statement from Father Roy Bourgeois, School of the Americas Watch 11/25/2010
Bus Riders Union/Sindicato De Pasajeros of Los Angeles BRU/SDP Resolution Condemning Government Attacks on Anti-War, International Solidarity, and Labor Activists
Committee on Pilipino Issues (CPI) CPI Statement of Solidarity to Anti-War Activists against FBI Raids
Japanese American Citizens League - Silicon Valley Chapter Solidarity Statement from Japanese American Citizens League - Silicon Valley Chapter
Civil Liberties
Open Letter from Prominent Community, Civil and Human Rights Organizations to President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. and the U.S. Congress 11/20/2010
American Friends Service Committee American Friends Service Committee Letter to Attorney General Holder October 2010
Every Church a Peace Church Solidarity Statement from Every Church A Peace Church - Twin Cities Area Religious 11/19/2010
AlliantACTION Solidarity Statement from AlliantACTION Anti-War 11/18/2010
Statement from Angela Davis Against FBI and Grand Jury Repression 11/17/2010
Women Against Military Madness Solidarity Statement from Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) Anti-War 11/16/2010
Peace With Justice Committee of Holy Trinity Church Solidarity Statement from Peace With Justice Committee of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Religious 11/16/2010
Palestine Solidarity Group - Chicago Palestine Solidarity Group - Chicago Condemns FBI Raids and Repression International Solidarity 11/16/2010
Bay Area Friends of the Filipino People Bay Area Friends of the Filipino People Statement on FBI repression of activists International Solidarity 11/16/2010
Voces de la Frontera Voces de la Frontera Solidarity Statement Community 11/16/2010
MN-WEB (Minnesota - Women’s Earth Brigade) Statement of Solidarity from MN-WEB Political 11/14/2010
Gainesville SDS Solidarity Statement from Gainesville SDS Student 11/13/2010
Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War K.N.O.W. Urges Action to Restore and Protect Our Rights Anti-War 11/13/2010
Chapel Hill SDS Chapel Hill SDS Statement of Solidarity Student 11/13/2010
Network of Spiritual Progressives Solidarity from the Network of Spiritual Progressives Religious 11/13/2010