Statements of Solidarity

If your organization has issued a statement of solidarity with those targeted by the FBI raids, please e-mail it to us:

Author Statement Category Post datesort icon
News & Letters Stop FBI Raids! Political 10/5/2010
People's Tribune FBI Raids: Another Step Toward Fascism Political 10/5/2010
International League of People's Struggles International League of Peoples' Struggle Condemns Rise of Fascist Current in the U.S. and Urges the American People to Fight Back International Solidarity 10/5/2010
Iraq Freedom Congress A Message of Solidarity to the Brothers and Sisters in the U.S. Anti-war Movement Anti-War 10/6/2010
War Times FBI Raids Peace Activists' Homes, Offices Anti-War 10/6/2010
Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Stop FBI Raids and Harassment of Activists Opposing U.S. Intervention in Colombia and the Middle East International Solidarity 10/6/2010
Labor/Community Strategy Center Solidarity Statement from the Labor/Community Strategy Center Community 10/6/2010
FMLN de Minnesota Comunicado del FMLN MN ante redadas del FBI a Moviemiento Anti-guerra International Solidarity 10/6/2010
Peace and Justice Studies Association Peace and Justice Studies Association Solidarity Statement 10/6/2010
Center for Constitutional Rights Call to Action Sent by Center for Constitutional Rights and Endorsed by Various Organization Civil Liberties 10/8/2010
Friends for a Nonviolent World FBI Raids Erode First Amendment Anti-War 10/8/2010
Workers Solidarity Alliance Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA) Statement Against Political Police Raids Political 10/10/2010
Latin America Solidarity Coalition Stop FBI Raids and Harassment of activists opposing U.S. Intervention in Colombia and the Middle East International Solidarity 10/10/2010
Black is Back Coalition Black is Back Coalition Opposes FBI Attacks on Antiwar Activists and Movement Social Justice 10/10/2010
Peace Action Wisconsin Solidarity Statement from Peace Action Wisconsin Anti-War 10/11/2010
Sydney Stop the War Coalition To the US anti-war and socialist activists raided by the FBI Anti-War 10/12/2010
Communist Party USA FBI Raids: An Attack on First Amendment Rights Political 10/14/2010
Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body Duluth Central Labor Body Condemns Government Attacks on Anti-war Movement Labor 10/15/2010
Trade Unionists Speak Out Against FBI Attacks on Civil Liberties 10/18/2010
Teamsters Local 705 Chicago Teamsters’ Local 705 Condemns the FBI Raids on Trade Unionists and Anti-war Activists, Calls for End to Grand Jury Labor 10/18/2010