Statements of Solidarity

If your organization has issued a statement of solidarity with those targeted by the FBI raids, please e-mail it to us:

Author Statementsort icon Category Post date
Iraq Freedom Congress A Message of Solidarity to the Brothers and Sisters in the U.S. Anti-war Movement Anti-War 10/6/2010
African People's Solidarity Committee and Uhuru Solidarity Movement Statement in Support of Groups Raided by the FBI International Solidarity 10/2/2010
AFSCME Council 5 AFSCME Council 5 Resolution on Judicial & Police Intimidation of Union Members Labor 10/3/2010
AFSCME Local 3800 AFSCME Local 3800 Resolution Condemning the FBI Raids and Grand Jury Witch Hunt of Trade Union and Anti-War Activists Labor 10/22/2010
American Federation of Teachers Local 1493 AFT 1493 Resolution - FBI Raids on Trade Union, Anti-War and Solidarity Activists Labor 10/20/2010
North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC) Against the September 24th FBI Raids Political 10/3/2010
Alliance for Global Justice Alliance for Global Justice Statement and Action Alert on FBI Raids International Solidarity 9/30/2010
American Friends Service Committee American Friends Service Committee Letter to Attorney General Holder October 2010
American Indian Movement Veterans Protest FBI Raids 9/30/2010
American Jewish World American Jewish World Editorial: FBI Raids in Minneapolis
American Muslims for Palestine American Muslims for Palestine stands in solidarity with activists targeted by FBI International Solidarity 12/23/2010
American Muslims for Palestine American Muslims for Palestine Urges Supporters to Hold Fast to First Amendment Rights in Face of FBI Raids International Solidarity 9/28/2010
Amy Goodman: FBI Raids and the Criminalization of Dissent 9/30/2010
Women Against Military Madness An Enemy of the State? Anti-War 10/2/2010
United National Anti-war Committee Antiwar Movement Under Attack! Defend Victims of FBI/Government Raids, Seizures, and Subpoenas! Anti-War 9/29/2010
Arab American Action Network Arab American Action Network Board Statement on FBI Raids 10/1/2010
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 ATU Local 308 Resolution on FBI Raids on Trade Union, Anti-War and Solidarity Activists Labor 5/11/2011
Baltimore-Washington Area Peace Council Baltimore-Washington Area Peace Council: Stop the Repression Against Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists Anti-War 9/28/2010
Bay Area Friends of the Filipino People Bay Area Friends of the Filipino People Statement on FBI repression of activists International Solidarity 11/16/2010
BAYAN USA BAYAN USA: Drop the Charges on Carlos Montes & Other US Anti-War Activists! Stop FBI & Grand Jury Repression! International Solidarity 5/29/2011