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Portland Says Joint Terrorism Task Force NOT Welcome

March 11th 2011 - B Media Collective shows up at Portland's City Hall where a large crowd had gathered to protest the city re-joining the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).
See video 3/12/2011

Saying No to the FBI: South Bay activists denounce witch hunt

Economics teacher Masao Suzuki was approached at his San Jose home by an FBI agent. He explains why he declined to be questioned. Peace, union and international solidarity activists in the...

Interview with Joe Iosbaker | WRFG Atlanta

Tuesday, Jan 4, 2011WRFG 89.3FM Labor Forum Program with Dianne Mathiowetz Interview with Joe Iosbaker, employee of the University of Illinois and a steward for SEIU Local 73 whose home in Chicago...

New Song: Hands Off the Movement by Jen Waller with Earthdriver

Click one of the links below to hear and/or buy the song! Hands Off The Movement by Jen Waller with Earthdriver Digital Track Please share this song widely, it is meant to raise awareness and...

Video – 'FBI: Don’t spy on us' say Minneapolis activists

Video coverage of a Twin Cities event organized by the Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression on December 21, 2010, where many people came together to request our FBI files under the Freedom of...

Democracy Now: FBI Expands Probe into Antiwar Activists

Democracy Now coverage December 23, 2010 of the expanding probe into anti-war activists with 4 new subpoenas issued in Chicago, IL this week. Video coverage includes interview with Maureen Clare...

Meredith Aby Interviewed on FBI Raids Against the Anti-War Movement

Meredith Aby, one of the antiwar activists whose home was raided on Sept. 24, and who received a subpoena, is interviewed in Albany, New York.

Interview with Meredith Aby on FBI raids against anti-war movement

An interview with Meredith Aby of the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee on Dec. 19, 2010 before speaking in Albany, NY. Aby's home was raided by the FBI on 9/24/2010 and she has been subpoenaed...

Labor Beat: The Right to Remain Active

Activists who were targeted by the Sept. 24 raids are now being re-subpoenaed to try to force them to give testimony against others, as the FBI deepens its McCarthy-like attacks on peace activists in...

Tracy Molm describes FBI raid

Tracy Molm, a Minneapolis-based Palestine solidarity activist, describes what happened during the recent FBI raid on her apartment in September, its aftermath, and her solidarity work for...