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Sarah Smith FBI Target

Sarah Smith, Chicago, one of the 2010 FBI peace activist targets was in the Twin Cities for a few days to speak to peace activists and other interested groups.
See video 5/29/2011

Cindy Sheehan speaks about FBI raids on antiwar activists

Cindy Sheehan, mother of soldier killed in Iraq War, famous peace activists from California, spoke at a gathering of peace activists in Minneapolis,on May 21, 2011. She commented on the September,...
See video 5/29/2011

Carlos Montes speaks out after court hearing

Los Angeles, CA – Video of veteran Chicano activist Carlos Montes speaking after his June 16 Court appearance. Montes talks about the LA Sheriffs and FBI raid on his home, legal developments...
See video 6/16/2011

Hector Gamboa gives solidarity statement to Carlos Montes

Hector Gamboa, an activist with the Comite Anti-Militarizacion (CAMi) in Chicago's Latino community, speaks about Carlos Montes Wednesday night, June 15. The occasion was a teach-in about Carlos and...
See video 6/16/2011


On September 24, 2010, the FBI raided homes in Chicago and Minneapolis of peace activists and labor organizers, as part of a nationwide terrorism investigation. 23 subpoenas were issued for activists...
See video 6/17/2011

Video of June 16 Seattle protest in support of Carlos Montes

See video 6/22/2011

Solidarity Video: Stop FBI Repression against Carlos Montes

Companeros from all over the country are demanding a stop to the repression against Carlos Montes, a veteran activist that had devoted his life to the fight for human rights. Now he is being...
See video 6/24/2011

The Stream - FBI Raids Target U.S. Activists - Maureen Clare Murphy

Peace and justice activists say FBI raids and subpoenas are being used to intimidate and hinder their work. Since late last year, at least 23 activists from anti-war, pro-Palestinian and pro-...
See video 6/27/2011


The PATRIOT Act has allowed the FBI and other government agencies to spy on you and monitor your activities. Join the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and fight back.
See video 7/17/2011

A Victim of FBI Harassment, Peace Activist Speaks Out

American activist Tom Burke talks about intimidation and harassment tactics by the FBI directed at him, his family, and other peace activists and other activists. The presentation was part of a...
See video 7/23/2011