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Labor Beat: Raid on A Nation

Labor Beat video on the FBI raids on anti-war activists

Video from Meeting with Senator Klobuchar's Office, 10/19/2010

On October 19, 2010, anti-war activists in Minnesota who were raided by the FBI and subpoenaed by a Grand Jury meet with staff members from Senator Klobuchar's office, while others held banners...

Voices of FBI Raid Targets

Hear directly from many of the anti-war activists raided by the FBI on September 24, 2010 about who they are and their experience of the FBI raids and grand jury subpoenas.

Video: You Can't Scare Us! - Seattle United Against FBI Repression

A talk by: Jess Sundin - Minneapolis activist targeted by the FBI Amin Odeh - Voices of Palestine Neil Fox - National Lawyers Guild Arthur Miller - Leonard Peltier Support Group November 13, 2010...

Video: Jess Sundin Speaks in Philadelphia About FBI Repression

Video from the forum War on Dissent: A Town Hall in Philadelphia, PA on November 10, 2010. Speakers: Jess Sundin, activist and target of 9/24/2010 FBI raid Mary Catherine Roper PA-ACLU Civil rights...

FBI Raid Victims Get New Grand Jury Subpoenas - Minneapolis press conference 11/18/2010

  Video by The UpTake: Minneapolis, MN, November 18, 2010. Three of the nine Minneapolis peace activists who's homes were raided on September 24, 2010 received notice of new subpoenas...

Video: NLG Lawyer Jordan Kushner analyzes Grand Juries and “Material Support” laws

In these videos from Our World in Depth, National Lawyers Guild lawyer Jordan Kushner analyzes the role of Grand Juries as a tool of the prosecuteion, and the “Material Support for Terrorism...

Ret. Col. Ann Wright in solidarity with Committee to Stop FBI Repression

Speaking at the 2010 School of the Americas protest in Ft Benning, GA, Ret. Col. Ann Wright offers her solidarity and support to the victims of the September 24 FBI raids.

Labor Activist Martha Grevatt in Solidarity with Victims of FBI Repression

Martha Grevatt of UAW Local 869 speaks in solidarity with the Committee to Stop FBI Repression. Recorded after the labor caucus meeting at the 2010 School of the Americas protest.

Labor activist Sandra Koritz speaks out against FBI raids

Sandra Koritz, co-chair of North Carolina's Jobs with Justice Triad Area chapter, speaks against the FBi raids on antiwar and trade union activists. Recorded at the 2010 School of the Americas...