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See video 11/3/2014

Video Coverage from Holy Land 5 Event on 11/29, MN

Video coverage from an event in Minneapolis, MN about the Holy Land Five.
See video 12/20/2012

Two Years Later, Raided Activists Call on Justice Department to End Grand Jury Investigation

It has been almost two years since the September 24th, 2010, FBI raids on the homes and offices of the activists in Chicago, Minnesota and Michigan. Twenty-three activists were raided and were served...
See video 9/23/2012

The CAPR Anthem by Ron Schupp

  Hands Off the 23 and Carlos MontesFBI You have no caseAnd the actions you’re pursuingAre a national disgraceDrop your infernal subpoenasCircular file them one and allJonas, you will not...
See video 7/17/2012

Hands Off Carlos Montes!

Carlos Montes is a long-time Chicano activist in Los Angeles. He was a co-founder of the Brown Berets. Today he's a leader in the anti-war & immigrant rights movements. Now he is the target of...
See video 5/5/2012

Robert Meerpol: A Message for the Stop FBI Repression Conference 11.05.11

Robert Meeropol- son of Ethel & Julius Rosenberg, and founder and Executive Director of the Rosenberg Fund for Children- sends this message on behalf of the RFC to the Stop FBI Repression...
See video 11/11/2011

FBI Copies Victims Property, Then Holds It For More Than A Year

Express an unpopular opinion and have the government seize your property for year and copy all of your computer files. You think that might happen in renowned police states such as Russia or China?...
See video 11/4/2011

Cornel West message for Stop FBI repression conference

Details about the Stop FBI Repression Conference are available here.
See video 11/2/2011

FBI Attacks: Who's Next?

FBI raids on the homes of human rights activists, labor organizers and socialists around the country began on September 24, 2010 in Illinois and Minnesota. Of the original 14 activists who have been...
See video 9/24/2011

One Year Anniversary of the FBI Raids on Midwest Activists

In Chicago, activists, who were targeted by the FBI one year ago, come together with supporters to perform a skit showing how the FBI has come after people's right to dissent and organize. They also...
See video 9/23/2011