Resolution: Build the Movement to Resist FBI and Grand Jury Repression of Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists

The following resolution was passed at the 2011 Committee to Stop FBI Repression conference.

The FBI and grand jury attacks on anti-war and international solidarity activists are an attack on the movements they have helped to build, and all progressive movements in this country. It is an attempt to silence these movements, to clear the way for wars abroad and continued injustices at home. Instead of silence, our answer is to raise our voices loudly in defense of the targeted activists, and the rights of all of us to dissent.

23 people have been ordered to appear before a Chicago grand jury, and testify in secret against their friends and colleagues, and the organizations they work with. All 23 have refused to testify, even knowing prosecutors could jail them for this decision. For a year, public attention and outcry have held prosecutors off from jailing the activists. As the 23 stand by their commitments to not testify, our movements renew our pledge to resist FBI and grand jury repression.

The US attorney is still working to put these activists in prison, either through indictments, or for refusing to testify. That threat is immediate for Carlos Montes, who joined the ranks of targeted activists when the FBI initiated a raid on his home in May 2011. Carlos is the first to fight formal legal charges, and the 23 others still wait to learn which of them will face criminal charges for their political work.

This threat is very real, and so is our determination to stand united against it.

This begins by defending Carlos Montes.

At the same time, we must continue to build broad support for all the anti-war and international solidarity activists in this case. We must make this case known in communities across the US, building a network of people who will embrace this fight as one for the rights of all to speak out, organize and to stand in solidarity with those who want freedom. Concretely, this means doing more of the excellent work that has already been done: organizing speaking events in communities and at schools across the country; continuing media work to reach new audiences; and gathering solidarity statements from Unions, student groups, and other community organizations; bringing out flyers at anti-war marches and other events where we can find support.

Our work must also include continued efforts to raise funds for the defense, working to build up adequate funds for a rigorous legal and political defense.

More than 60 cities have organized protests to stand with those who have resisted the Chicago grand jury, refusing to testify. Thousands have signed the pledge to resist FBI and Grand Jury Repression. We will continue to gather new signers for the Pledge to Resist, and we are committed to mobilize for national days of protest, when any of the targeted activists is ordered to appear before the Chicago Grand Jury, or any of them is arrested or indicted.