Maureen Murphy

Maureen MurphyMaureen Murphy is a journalist and Palestine solidarity activist from Chicago. She spent a few years living and traveling throughout the Middle East, interning for the Palestinian human rights organization Al-Haq in the occupied West Bank in 2004-06 before she was denied entry and deported by the Israeli government. She also lived in Lebanon in 2007-08, learning about the human rights situation for Palestine refugees and the impact of U.S. foreign policy there. Back in Chicago, she has organized to end U.S. aid to the Israeli occupation through her work with the Palestine Solidarity Group-Chicago. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Murphy is also managing editor of the award-winning, independent online publication The Electronic Intifada.

Maureen has stated that she refuses to participate in the grand jury fishing expedition. She refuses to name the names of activists she has worked with in the United States. And she also refuses to name the names of Palestinians struggling for liberation and self-determination. As she witnessed while living in the West Bank, Palestinian activists are routinely jailed and often extra judicially executed by the Israeli military. Maureen believes that the U.S. government should spend taxpayers' money on public services and improving our communities, instead of war and occupation and invasive investigations into social justice movements.


THANK YOU--May Allah bless the fruit of your handiwork

I've been re-reading Martin Luther King, Jr. Not the co-opted MLK, but the real deal, RADICAL, needed-no-more-than-ever MLK. Just one example: Just before he was assassinated, he was planning the Poor People's March--his way. His plan was to recruit 3000 poor people (and thousands of support people) to organize and train together, and then to sit-in at every Congressional office until their demands (like a guaranteed annual income) were met.

People like you honor that legacy, and just as MLK was hounded by the FBI (who tried to blackmail him into committing suicide) for standing up for positive American principles and standing against negative ones, you and your comrades are suffering now. I consider myself a comrade. I wish and pray nothing but the best for you, and promise to increase my own activism.

Thom Saffold--Proud to be a Muslim Peace-monger

Heads Up

Dear Maureen,

You are an inspiration for so many people who seek freedom, rights and justice, and those who are in solidarity with them - your example lifts us all up.

Much honour and respect to you!

Sylvia Posadas