Southern California Immigration Coaliltion

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Social Justice
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The Southern California Immigration Coalition is unified to bring an end to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's raids of communities and workplaces. We believe in Full Legalization for the undocumented and their right to live in liberty, an unalienable right. People should live free from persecution by enforcement of a broken immigration system.

We come together to demand an end to the raids that torment our communities from living freely. Children fear that their parents will not come home from work or even the standard trip to the grocery. People open their door to police who claim to be looking for a missing person, but in fact are ICE agents. At work people fear an ICE raid because they don't know what will happen to their families. Once in custody, people are detained in facilities that are not intended for long-term use and legal representation is almost impossible for their or their family's budget. We stand with those people who have fallen victim to a broken immigration system and demand an end to ICE raids.

As a solution, we call for Full Legalization. While trade agreements in North America have allowed for goods and money to flow freely, the policies have restricted the legal migration of labor and all people in general. Aggressive foreign policies and intervention in countries around the world have caused patterns of migration-especially in the Western hemisphere. This country has enjoyed many years of economic prosperity on the backs of immigrants: The boom of industries such as the Service industry has been supplied with the labor of immigrant workers. We realize that the immigrant struggle is a fight for equality and justice.


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