Palestine Solidarity Group - Chicago

Organization Type: 
International Solidarity

The Palestine Solidarity Group (PSG) was formed to establish a diverse, broad-based organization whose main purpose is to advocate and organize around the following issues: ending the illegal, Israeli occupation of all Palestinian and Arab land; the implementation of UN General Assembly Resolution 194, which speaks to the comprehensive Right of Return for all Palestinian refugees and their descendants; and upholding the right of the Palestinians to defend themselves against Israeli aggression.

The main goal is to mobilize supporters and activists from the Palestinian and non-Palestinian community to engage other communities of color, oppressed nationality groups, workers and students in broadening the movement in North America for Palestinian rights, and against racism and Zionism.

The Palestine Solidarity Group (PSG) advocates and organizes for Palestinian national liberation and self-determination. A progressive, secular organization, the PSG upholds the political, civil, and human rights of the Palestinians, and believes that the only path to a comprehensive solution to the conflict is the end of illegal, Israeli occupation of Palestinian land; and the implementation of the Right of Return for all Palestinian refugees and their descendants.