National Union of Healthcare Workers

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For more than 60 years, California healthcare workers have organized to win the highest standards in the country for caregivers and patients.

So when SEIU officials in Washington, D.C. started making cheap backroom deals with healthcare corporations that gave away workers’ rights and undermined patient care, healthcare workers came together in their local union and fought back. Caregivers exposed secret agreements, blew the whistle on financial corruption, and led a movement to reform SEIU from within.

In retaliation, SEIU launched a disastrous takeover of the local union on Jan. 27, 2009.

The next day, scores of healthcare workers from across the state—elected leaders of their union—voted to declare their independence and establish a new, democratic union, with members in control. (Constitution and bylaws)

NUHW has become California’s fastest-growing union. More workers petitioned to join NUHW in 2009 than all other U.S. labor unions combined in the previous year.

We’re building a worker-led movement to hold healthcare corporations accountable to the public interest, improve the lives of caregivers and patients, and win quality, affordable healthcare for all.

5801 Christie Ave., Suite 525
Emeryville, CA 94608
United States

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