Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression

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Organization Type: 
Civil Liberties
Minneapolis, MN 55414
United States
Phone: 612-379-3585

Events and Actions

Date Event
12/12/2013 Community Dinner to Benefit Rasmea Odeh
9/24/2013 Three Years Is Too Many! End the Investigation of Anti-War & International Solidarity Activists Now!
4/14/2013 Palestine Solidarity Under Attack: From the Holy Land 5 to the Anti War 23
10/25/2012 Free the Holy Land Five! Minneapolis Day of Action Oct 25th
10/14/2012 Fundraiser: Bike Ride Against Political Repression
9/24/2012 Stop FBI Repression! 2nd Anniversary of the FBI Raids on Anti-War Activists in our Community
6/16/2012 Ice Cream Tasting – Fighting Repression Never Tasted So Sweet!
5/15/2012 Bannering: Stand with Carlos Montes on Day 1 of his Trial
10/27/2011 Free Dinner: Stop the FBI Witch Hunt!
9/29/2011 Free Dinner: Stop the FBI Witch Hunt!
9/24/2011 Sep. 24 – Stand Up and Speak Out: Mark the Year Anniversary of FBI Raids on Local Peace Activists!
8/30/2011 Protest at President Obama's Speech
7/26/2011 Dine Out for Dissent!
7/21/2011 Stop the FBI Witch Hunt Free Dinner!
7/6/2011 Press Conference demands end to FBI Probe and Repression of Political Activists: Peace & Immigrant Rights Activists Speak Out in support of Carlos Montes
6/23/2011 Stop the FBI Witch Hunt Free Dinner!
6/16/2011 Protest FBI Repression! Support Carlos Montes!
5/27/2011 Solidarity is NOT a Crime! Protest U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder!
4/19/2011 Minneapolis Says No to FBI Repression
4/7/2011 Panel: Latino & Immigrant Voices on Repression and Solidarity
2/10/2011 Minneapolis: Dissent and Repression in the U.S. and India
1/25/2011 Minneapolis: Protest FBI Repression for National Day of Action
1/20/2011 Meeting of the Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression
1/12/2011 Live streaming video of Minneapolis press conference and legal update Wed. Jan 12
1/6/2011 Organizing meeting of Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression