The FBI is after activists! "Better this world" film showing

Event Information
Thu, 2011-10-06 19:30
Pan African Connection
828 Fourth Ave.
Dallas, TX
United States

The FBI is after activists!

Just ask David McKay and Bradley Crowder, two activists from Midland who were sent to prison as a result of the protests at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Better This World film showing

This important new documentary details the case of David McKay and Bradley Crowder and the FBI informant who was active in the Austin activist community for years before his actions helped to send these young people to prison.

The film will be presented by scott crow, a noted Austin anarchist activist and author, who was personally acquainted with the key players in this case and the object of an intense ten year FBI investigation.

The showing will also commemorate the one year anniversary of the FBI raids on peace and justice activists in the Midwest and highlight the case of long-time Chicano activist Carlos Montes who is now facing serious criminal charges as part of this harassment campaign.

Brought to you by:

  • Dallas Committee to Stop FBI Repression
  • Arlington Socialists at UTA
  • Pan African Connection
  • Smoke & Mirrors Art Gallery & Infoshop
  • People's Lunch Counter
  • ACLU of Texas

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