Chicago, IL: Rally against FBI & Grand Jury Repression

Event Information
Tue, 2011-01-25 16:30
Dirksen Federal Building
219 S. Dearborn
Chicago, IL
United States

Defend free speech and the right to organize!

Opposing war & occupation is not a crime!

Rally against FBI & Grand Jury Repression

January 25th, 4:30 pm
Dirksen Federal Building, 219 S. Dearborn

In December, nine more peace activists were subpoenaed by the FBI to appear before the grand jury. They are activists and ordinary people critical of war and concerned about Palestinian rights. To date 23 people have received subpoenas. Patrick Fitzgerald’s office is ordering the nine to appear at a grand jury in Chicago on January 25th.

Fitzgerald’s expanding web of repression already includes 14 people subpoenaed when the FBI stormed into homes on September 24th. In October, the 14 activists from Chicago, Minneapolis, and Michigan each decided to not participate in the secret proceedings of Fitzgerald's grand jury. However, three women from Minneapolis—Tracy Molm, Anh Pham, and Sarah Martin—are facing re-activated subpoenas. They need us to stand with them, and with the newly subpoenaed nine activists.

Chicago is the location of the grand jury. Chicago is where the largest number have been subpoenaed.  We must show Fitzgerald and the FBI that we will not be intimidated!

Tell Patrick Fitzgerald to call off the Grand Jury!
Stop FBI Repression and Grand Jury Investigation of Peace Activists and Palestine Solidarity Activists!


Why the subpoenas?

What cause do they offer for these subpoenas? Who is defending their rights? Where is the ACLU on this? What has the White House
said, if anything?