National Call-In Day for the Antiwar 23

Event Information
Fri, 2014-04-11 (All day)

Friday, April 11th
Call (312) 886-8027
Tell Assistant U.S. Attorney
Barry Jonas:

“My name is _________ from [city and state] and I am calling about the Anti-war 23. I want Barry Jonas to announce the investigation is over!” 

It is three and a half years since the FBI raided seven homes and subpoenaed 23 anti-war and international solidarity activists to a grand jury in Chicago. Through federal court filings, we recently obtained the unsealed FBI raid documents that detail the U.S. government spying and lies about the Antiwar 23 and their groups. Still, Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas says there is an “ongoing investigation” and refuses to return the belongings of Palestinian-American leader Hatem Abudayyeh of Chicago.

We need you to call today. We need you to help us organize people to stop the political repression. Together we can build the antiwar movement and the intertwined movement against political repression. We can defeat U.S. warmongers and halt the political police in charge of an increasingly repressive state here at home.

Also, Solidarity with Rasmea Odeh!

In addition we ask you to organize and stand with Arab American women’s leader Rasmea Odeh, heading to trial in Detroit on June 10, 2014.

The targeting of Rasmea Odeh is political repression connected to the Antiwar 23. Assistant US Attorney Barry Jonas was seen coming and going, consulting with U.S. government lawyers at her arraignment in Chicago. She is facing prison or deportation because twenty years ago she did not write on her U.S. immigration papers that the Israeli military arrested, imprisoned, and tortured her in her own country.