Exonerate Ethel Campaign Call

Event Information
Thu, 2016-10-20 20:00 - 21:30

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a remarkable, double-length story examining the profound miscarriage of justice in Ethel Rosenberg’s highly controversial, Cold War espionage case. There is overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who’ve seen it. 

 The video, in its entirety, is now available to watch on the 60 Minutes website here

The Rosenberg Fund for Children Facebook group also has a post available to share.

Now we need your help to take the exoneration campaign to the next level!

Please join a campaign call at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific onThursday, October 20. And if you're already registered, please invite a friend to join you.

In this public campaign call, Ethel's son Robert Meeropol and granddaughter Jenn Meeropol will discuss the shocking, recent developments in the Rosenberg Case that prompted the family to start the petition. They'll explain why this campaign is important today, what strategies are coming up to expand it, and how you can help. And they'll take questions from listeners.

After the call, all who registered will receive notes from the discussion and a link to an audio recording. 

To join the free call, register in advance here. Then simply dial the number provided in the registration process, at 8 pm Eastern/5pm Pacific on Thursday, October 20th.

If you can’t join us live, register anyway and we’ll send you notes and a link to the recording of the call.