December 2014

Despite prosecution’s ploys, Rasmea to be freed

After close to an hour-long deposition, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Tukel withdrew his motion to challenge the bond to be posted for Rasmea’s release. Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Jebson led the questioning, asking whether the anonymous donor of the bond is actually a friend or only a political supporter, as well as challenging the donor’s views on Israeli military courts, the decisions of Judge Drain in the case, and the treatment of Palestinians by U.S. federal courts.

Update: Rasmea’s release delayed by prosecution

Today, the Rasmea Defense Committee was prepared to announce that Rasmea was on her way home to Chicago. Instead, we learned this morning that legal maneuvering by the government will further delay her homecoming.

Rasmea is coming home! She's to be released on $50,000 cash bond

Judge rules that Rasmea can be released pending sentencing

We are pleased to announce that Judge Gershwin Drain just filed his ruling granting Rasmea's motion for reconsideration of his November 10th order revoking her bond. RASMEA IS COMING HOME!

The defense committee is working now to secure the money for her release. Please help us raise it by donating HERE now!

Demand that Sheriff Release Rasmea from Solitary Confinement

 We just learned that Rasmea has been in solitary confinement for the past 12 days, arbitrarily punished by her jailers at the St. Clair County Jail in Port Huron, Michigan.  She is not allowed any contact with other prisoners.  Confined to her cell all day, except at midnight for a few short minutes, Rasmea can’t make phone calls and can’t receive visitors.  This isolation punishment was initially set for 6 days, but when she had expected to go back to general population, it has been extended two days at a time, without explanation.