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12/18/2010 Holiday Fundraising Appeal to Stop FBI Repression Across the country, people are celebrating holidays, gathering together with friends and family, hoping for a world of peace and prosperity. For the anti-war and international solidarity activists whose homes were raided by the FBI and who were subpoenaed to the Grand Jury, these holidays are even more meaningful.
12/11/2010 Seattle: People's Bureau of Investigation delivers subpoena to FBI! FBI officers in Seattle received a taste of their own medicine when they were served a "People's Subpoena" by local peace activists.
12/4/2010 The Long Shadow of December 4, 1969 The shadow of the FBI involvement in the murder of Fred Hampton, leading member of the Black Panthers, extends to the current day.
12/3/2010 FBI Delivers Subpoenas to More Anti-War, Solidarity Activists in Chicago The FBI has informed a lawyer from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) that at least three subpoenas to appear before a Grand Jury have been delivered in the Chicago area. Attorney Jim Fennerty confirmed that FBI agent Robert Parker informed him just before 1:00 pm today that the subpoenas were being delivered at that moment.
11/20/2010 Open Letter from Prominent Community, Civil and Human Rights Organizations to President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. and the U.S. Congress Open Letter from more than 40 prominent community, civil and human rights organizations to President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. and the U.S. Congress on the September 24, 2010 FBI raids against activists and subsequent issuance of Grand Jury subpoenas.
11/17/2010 Three Twin Cities anti-war activists told they must appear in front of Grand Jury What we've known for the past few weeks has been confirmed. Three activists from the Twin Cities, Tracy Molm, Sarah Martin and Anh Pham are being called back before the Grand Jury in Chicago. They do not yet have dates of appearance.
11/17/2010 Statement from Angela Davis Against FBI and Grand Jury Repression Statement from Angela Davis opposing the FBI raids and grand jury harassment targeting anti-war and international solidarity activists.
11/17/2010 Call-In to Congress Nov 17 and Nov 18 to Support StopFBI Delegation in Washington D.C. A delegation from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) is in Washington D.C. today, Wednesday, November 17. Joe Iosbaker and Anh Pham, both targets of the FBI raids and Grand Jury repression, and Deb Konechne, who is coordinating, need your help today and tomorrow.
11/17/2010 U.S. Justice Department Prepares for the Ominous Expansion of Law Prohibiting “Material Support” for Terrorism Analysis of this case of FBI and grand jury repression by Michael Deutsch of the People's Law Office, Chicago, Illinois.
11/16/2010 Solidarity is not a Crime: How the Material Support Statute is Being Used Against the Peace Movement Flyer by the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee about how the "Material Support for Terrorism" laws are being used to repress anti-war and international solidarity activism.