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12/3/2010 FBI Delivers Subpoenas to More Anti-War, Solidarity Activists in Chicago The FBI has informed a lawyer from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) that at least three subpoenas to appear before a Grand Jury have been delivered in the Chicago area. Attorney Jim Fennerty confirmed that FBI agent Robert Parker informed him just before 1:00 pm today that the subpoenas were being delivered at that moment.
6/16/2011 FBI Repression of Activists Continues: Carlos Montes Demands Charges Be Dropped, DA Refuses Over 100 protesters rallied this morning outside the Alhambra City Courthouse in Los Angeles County in solidarity with Carlos Montes, a well known Chicano community organizer and immigrants rights activist. Montes’ home was raided in a pre-dawn raid by the LA SWAT team and the FBI on May 17th, in which agents took political documents, papers, computers and cell phones, and was ordered to appear in court today regarding several firearms related charges.
5/27/2011 FBI y Equipo SWAT del Sheriff del condado de Los Ángeles hacen redada contra activista Chicano Carlos Montes El 17 de mayo 2011 a las 5:00am el equipo SWAT del departamento del sheriff del condado de Los Ángeles y miembros del FBI hicieron una redada en la casa de Carlos Montes, un veterano activista chicano y miembro activo del Comité contra la represión del FBI.
1/28/2011 Feb. 1: National Call-In Day to Fitzpatrick, Holder and Obama Committee to Stop FBI Repression's National Call-In Day to Fitzpatrick, Holder and Obama - Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 - all day!
9/27/2011 Fight Back: No to FBI Repression, Islamophobia and War! October 15 – 22 Antiwar week of solidarity and in defense of civil liberties... Marking the 10th year of the U.S. war against the people of Afghanistan... Bring the Troops Home Now! Civil Liberties for all!
1/5/2012 General Alarm at New Detention Law Human rights groups and civil libertarians are skeptical of White House assurances that President Obama's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act will not lead to the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 writes a $662 billion check to the Pentagon, in a 500-plus-page document that grants the executive branch the power to indefinitely detain any person it accuses of being a terrorist without charge or trial. President Obama signed the bill on New Year's Eve.
10/2/2011 Government continues trumped up case against Carlos Montes, Protest demands “Drop the charges now” at LA courthouse The CSFR is circulating the following press account of Carlos Montes' Sept. 29 court proceedings. Montes' lawyer Jorge Gonzalez dropped a legal bombshell when he pointed out that the legal documentation introduced into evidence by the District Attorney failed to support the basis of the entire case against Montes.
12/18/2010 Holiday Fundraising Appeal to Stop FBI Repression Across the country, people are celebrating holidays, gathering together with friends and family, hoping for a world of peace and prosperity. For the anti-war and international solidarity activists whose homes were raided by the FBI and who were subpoenaed to the Grand Jury, these holidays are even more meaningful.
3/15/2011 Join the Committee to Stop FBI Repression at Anti-War Protests on March 19, April 9 and April 10 The Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) is asking you to join us in supporting anti-war protests. On March 19 there are local rallies, many with International ANSWER Coalition.  Then we go all out for New York City on April 9th and San Francisco on April 10th, with the United National Antiwar Committee. <
8/12/2014 Judge Borman steps down from the case of Rasmea Odeh Today, Judge Paul D. Borman removed himself from the case of Palestinian community leader Rasmea Odeh. Earlier this month, the judge stridently denied a defense motion calling on him to step down. The motion claimed that his life-long support for the state of Israel—whose arrest, torture, and conviction of Odeh for alleged Jerusalem bombings in 1969 is at issue in this case—would not allow for a fair trial.