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9/22/2011 Support Civil Liberties, Protest Political Repression: One-Year Anniversary of FBI Raids on Anti-War Activists   This weekend there will be events and protests across the country to defend civil liberties and oppose political repression.  It is one year since the FBI raided two homes in Chicago and five homes plus the Anti-War Committee office in Minneapolis, handing out 14 subpoenas including two in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  
10/10/2010 The Curious, Mysterious, Obsolete & Dangerous Federal Grand Jury
12/4/2010 The Long Shadow of December 4, 1969 The shadow of the FBI involvement in the murder of Fred Hampton, leading member of the Black Panthers, extends to the current day.
2/7/2011 The Stop FBI and Grand Jury Political Repression West Coast Tour with Hatem Abudayyeh Hatem Abudayyeh, one of the anti-war and Palestine support activists who was subpoenaed to a federal grand jury, and whose home was raided by the FBI on September 24th, 2010, will be traveling up and down the West Coast to talk about his personal experience with this attack on free speech, free assembly, and civil liberties.
2/6/2012 The Threat is Very Real We are in very dangerous times, and we have to do everything we can to prevent another war—this time against Iran.  Almost every day we hear about new sanctions, new threats, new promises that “all options are on the table.” It seems like the general public is complacent about this and do not  understand the severe consequences –possibly World War III.
11/17/2010 Three Twin Cities anti-war activists told they must appear in front of Grand Jury What we've known for the past few weeks has been confirmed. Three activists from the Twin Cities, Tracy Molm, Sarah Martin and Anh Pham are being called back before the Grand Jury in Chicago. They do not yet have dates of appearance.
5/8/2011 U.S. Attorney escalates attacks on civil liberties of anti-war, Palestinian human rights activists On Friday, May 6, the U.S. government froze the bank accounts of Hatem Abudayyeh and his wife, Naima.
2/2/2012 U.S. Attorney’s Office Confirms Investigation Is Ongoing into Antiwar Activists The Northern Illinois Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas stated that the “investigation is continuing” into the case of the anti-war and international solidarity activists hit with FBI raids and grand jury repression. Barry Jonas is known for his leading role in prosecuting the leaders of the Holy Land Foundation while he was trial attorney for the Department of Justice Counter-terrorism Section.
11/17/2010 U.S. Justice Department Prepares for the Ominous Expansion of Law Prohibiting “Material Support” for Terrorism Analysis of this case of FBI and grand jury repression by Michael Deutsch of the People's Law Office, Chicago, Illinois.
4/11/2011 Urge members of Congress to speak out against FBI and Grand Jury repression U.S. Representative Danny Davis of Illinois recently wrote and sent a letter to President Obama that serves as a very good example for further legislative efforts. Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison also wrote and sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder in November. In areas where we have been doing work with U.S. House and Senate members, or areas where we would like to do this work, we can and should request our U.S. Congressperson to join Reps. Davis and Ellison in this effort by writing their own letter to Obama and Holder condemning the FBI repression and Grand Jury investigation.