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4/3/2011 Seattle United Against FBI Repression: Twenty-three antiwar and international solidarity activists are still facing possible jail time for living by their convictions. Twenty-three antiwar and international solidarity activists are still facing possible jail time for living by their convictions.
4/11/2011 Urge members of Congress to speak out against FBI and Grand Jury repression U.S. Representative Danny Davis of Illinois recently wrote and sent a letter to President Obama that serves as a very good example for further legislative efforts. Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison also wrote and sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder in November. In areas where we have been doing work with U.S. House and Senate members, or areas where we would like to do this work, we can and should request our U.S. Congressperson to join Reps. Davis and Ellison in this effort by writing their own letter to Obama and Holder condemning the FBI repression and Grand Jury investigation.
2/6/2012 The Threat is Very Real We are in very dangerous times, and we have to do everything we can to prevent another war—this time against Iran.  Almost every day we hear about new sanctions, new threats, new promises that “all options are on the table.” It seems like the general public is complacent about this and do not  understand the severe consequences –possibly World War III.
7/9/2011 Carlos Montes pleads “not guilty”, next court date set for August 12 With a courtroom packed so there were no empty seats, Carlos Montes plead “Not Guilty” to six felony charges in court on July 6, 2011. Defense attorney Jorge Gonzales said the LA District Attorney is using “selective enforcement” to target Carlos. The U.S. government is using a 42-year-old charge from 1969 to prosecute Carlos Montes today for a weapon and an ammunition charge, and four charges of perjury on his weapons permits.
11/17/2010 Call-In to Congress Nov 17 and Nov 18 to Support StopFBI Delegation in Washington D.C. A delegation from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) is in Washington D.C. today, Wednesday, November 17. Joe Iosbaker and Anh Pham, both targets of the FBI raids and Grand Jury repression, and Deb Konechne, who is coordinating, need your help today and tomorrow.
9/10/2011 New book: Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism: The Collective Autobiography of the RNC 8 A new book, Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism: The Collective Autobiography of the RNC 8, has just been released. It tells the story of 8 men and women who were preemptively arrested prior to the 2008 Republican National Convention in response to their political organizing, charged with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism under the Minnesota PATRIOT Act.
10/30/2010 Open letter from trade union activists condemning the FBI attacks on civil liberties Across the country organizations and individuals are standing together to protest the United States government’s attempt to silence and criminalize activism. Confronting power and privilege has never been popular in the United States. Anyone who has gone through a bitter strike knows all too well how the courts, the media and the government line up against striking workers. That’s why, as it has historically, the trade union movement must be at the forefront of defending the right to dissent. We are writing to ask you to join us in taking a stand in support of our sisters and brothers who are facing this witch hunt. Unions across the country are passing resolutions denouncing the FBI raids and calling for an end to the grand jury investigation. A sample resolution is enclosed/attached, as well as a sign on letter for individual union members.
11/17/2010 U.S. Justice Department Prepares for the Ominous Expansion of Law Prohibiting “Material Support” for Terrorism Analysis of this case of FBI and grand jury repression by Michael Deutsch of the People's Law Office, Chicago, Illinois.
9/27/2011 Fight Back: No to FBI Repression, Islamophobia and War! October 15 – 22 Antiwar week of solidarity and in defense of civil liberties... Marking the 10th year of the U.S. war against the people of Afghanistan... Bring the Troops Home Now! Civil Liberties for all!
6/15/2011 Protests in 19 Cities Against FBI Probe and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Repression of Political Activists As Carlos Montes Appears in Court, National Protests Demand: “Drop the Charges! Stop FBI Attacks on Immigrants’ Rights, Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists!”