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1/5/2012 General Alarm at New Detention Law Human rights groups and civil libertarians are skeptical of White House assurances that President Obama's signing of the National Defense Authorization Act will not lead to the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 writes a $662 billion check to the Pentagon, in a 500-plus-page document that grants the executive branch the power to indefinitely detain any person it accuses of being a terrorist without charge or trial. President Obama signed the bill on New Year's Eve.
7/16/2014 Replace pro-Israeli judge, say Odeh lawyers In a major development, attorneys for Palestinian community leader Rasmea Odeh filed a motion July 14th, calling for Judge Paul D. Borman to recuse himself from the case. The supporting brief argues that Borman, as a life-long and dedicated supporter of Israel, cannot play the “neutral and detached” role that the law requires.
3/21/2011 Letter to President Obama from Congressman Davis In February, a delegation from Chicago’s Committee Against Political Repression met with a staff person in the Chicago office of Congressman Danny Davis.  The delegation was led by Richard Berg and Rima Kapitan.  We were there to ask for a letter to President Obama and Attorney General Holder expressing concern about FBI repression of the Anti-War and Solidarity Movements.  Ira Cohen, Director of Issues and Communication expressed that the Congressman would write a letter to President Obama to address the issues we raised.
5/22/2011 Organization of American States Inter-American Commission of Human Rights takes note of FBI repression of antiwar, solidarity activists In the 2010 Annual Report of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR), a body of the Organization of American States, the IACHR took note of the FBI and grand jury repression of antiwar and international solidarity activists (full report is attached below).
9/24/2011 Legal Development in Case of Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists Raided by FBI In the first legal developments in nine months in this case, attorneys’ for raided activists have filed a motion for return of their property seized a year ago.  The filing reads in part, “Property seized by the United States and not returned includes: Personal and political papers of the Petitioners, acquired during decades of activity protected by the First Amendment and related to peaceable assembly by the Petitioners and the petitioning of the United States for a governmental redress of grievances. Books which are publicly published and available for sale, and whose possession, reading, and use of, are protected by the First Amendment.”
1/26/2016 Wednesday, Jan. 27 Social Media Campaign: #Justice4Rasmea! Join the Rasmea Defense Committee for a social media campaign Wednesday, January 27th, in support of Palestinian American icon Rasmea Odeh—and prepare for an Emergency Response to the appellate court decision!
5/20/2012 Committee to Stop FBI Repression Condemns Chicago Police Arrests of NATO Protesters Late Wednesday night, May 16th, Chicago police broke down the door of an apartment and arrested nine activists who have been held without charges. Other NATO protesters have also been harassed and/or arrested by the Chicago police in the days leading up to the NATO summit in Chicago.
9/16/2012 Leah-Lynn Plante’s Statement My name is Leah-Lynn Plante, and I am one of the people who has been subpoenaed to a secret grand jury, meeting in Seattle on September 13th, 2012. This will be the second time I have appeared before the grand jury, and the second time I have refused to testify. The first time was on August 2nd. I appeared as ordered and identified myself. I was asked if I would be willing to answer any questions. I said, “No,” and was dismissed after being served a second subpoena.  
11/12/2014 Oakland Activists Lockdown U.S. Fed Court to #FreeRasmeaNow Oakland – Activists with the Bay Area Rasmea Defense Committee have chained themselves to doors of the federal courthouse in Oakland to protest the conviction and imprisonment of 67 year-old Palestinian community organizer, Rasmea Odeh. Supporters are also rallying in front of the federal building, condemning what they call a politically motivated trial targeting Odeh because of her role as an outspoken Palestinian leader and activist. Odeh was convicted on Monday, November 10th in a Detroit federal court of knowingly lying on her immigration application, even though she maintains that she did not understand the questions on the application.
1/5/2012 Occupy Wall Street Condemns the NDAA Occupy Wall Street held a press conference on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed into law by President Barack Obama on New Year’s Eve. The press conference was organized to condemn the bill, which grants the military extraordinary powers to detain US citizens indefinitely without trial.