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10/30/2012 Press Release: U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear Holy Land Five case The U.S. Supreme Court entered an order declining the appeal of the Holy Land Five, Oct. 29. This rejection comes with no explanation. The judicial appeal process ends here, but the struggle to free the Holy Land Five continues. In anticipation of the Supreme Court decision, there was a Holy Land Five national day of action on Oct. 25. Solidarity protests involving hundreds raised awareness in Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Tampa, Gainesville, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Albany and Dallas. New York City saw 75 people picket and conduct a successful press conference.
10/22/2012 Press Release: National Day of Action in Solidarity with the Holy Land Five   Leaders of the anti-war and Palestine solidarity movements, joined by civil liberties advocates, are planning a Free the Holy Land Five national day of action on October 25, 2012. The protest is part of a national day of action called by the Holy Land Five/Freedom to Give group and the Committee to Stop FBI Repression. Their statement explains, “The Holy Land Five need our urgent solidarity.   
9/16/2012 Leah-Lynn Plante’s Statement My name is Leah-Lynn Plante, and I am one of the people who has been subpoenaed to a secret grand jury, meeting in Seattle on September 13th, 2012. This will be the second time I have appeared before the grand jury, and the second time I have refused to testify. The first time was on August 2nd. I appeared as ordered and identified myself. I was asked if I would be willing to answer any questions. I said, “No,” and was dismissed after being served a second subpoena.  
9/16/2012 Matt Duran's Statement My name is Matt Duran and I will do everything I can to resist this Grand Jury. I’m releasing this as it’s come to my attention that the strategy my lawyer and I have been working under will more than likely not work; the prosecution wants to grant me immunity before I even have a chance to testify. I want to make it clear that I am in no way ever cooperating with the state now or ever
7/10/2012 Committee to Stop FBI Repression condemns Seattle SWAT raid Committee to Stop FBI Repression statement condemning Seattle SWAT raid on Occupy & Red Spark Collective activists on July 10, 2012.
6/8/2012 Anti-NATO protesters held on terrorism charges, extreme bail Call States Attorney Anita Alvarez: 773-674-6209 - Demand all charges be dropped against anti-NATO protesters! “Release them all now!”
5/20/2012 Committee to Stop FBI Repression Condemns Chicago Police Arrests of NATO Protesters Late Wednesday night, May 16th, Chicago police broke down the door of an apartment and arrested nine activists who have been held without charges. Other NATO protesters have also been harassed and/or arrested by the Chicago police in the days leading up to the NATO summit in Chicago.
4/30/2012 Justice for Carlos Montes!
4/30/2012 Legal Defense Funds Carlos has dedicated his life to justice and now he needs you to dedicate your time and money to defend his lifetime of political activism. Please donate and/or host a fundraising event in order to support his legal defense. 
4/26/2012 Judge orders May 15 trial for Carlos Montes Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli ordered a trial to begin on May 15 for Carlos Montes, a longtime Los Angeles Chicano activist in the anti-war, immigrant rights, public education and Chicano liberation movements. The trial will start at 8:00 a.m. at the Criminal Courts Building, 13th floor, Department 100, at 210 West Temple Avenue in Los Angeles.