Press Coverage

Post date Article Media Outlet
3/8/2011 Activists confer across U.S. to plan the fight against FBI repression People's Tribune
3/7/2011 Glenn Beck attacks Fight Back! News and Committee to Stop FBI Repression Fight Back! News
3/5/2011 Freedom of Assembly, Government Cracks down on Chicago Protesters The Daily Northwestern
3/4/2011 Peace Activist Sues Minneapolis For Police Violence, Withholding Evidence The Uptake
2/23/2011 Chicago activist raided by FBI visits Seattle to raise money for legal defense Real Change
2/23/2011 Southern regional conference to stop FBI repression builds solidarity Fight Back! News
2/19/2011 Profiles of the Targeted: FBI Wanted to Talk to Me About My Trip to Israel and Palestine OpEdNews
2/13/2011 Conference on FBI repression Socialist Worker
2/9/2011 To Protect and Serve? New. Clear. Vision.
2/7/2011 Hatem Abudayyeh, Anti-War Activist, Says Palestinian Trips Had No Link To Terror Associated Press
2/6/2011 Activist Richard Brown's Story of The SF8, FBI Repression, and the Return of COINTELPRO (Video) Activist Post
2/3/2011 UE: FBI Investigation Hindered 2009 Bank Protest In These Times
2/1/2011 Obama Grabs Repressive Tools The Progressive
1/31/2011 As Arabs rise up, US activists must too persevere The Electronic Intifada
1/29/2011 Activists ignore subpoenas, want end to 'FBI repression' The Final Call
1/27/2011 January 25 Day of Action Round up
1/25/2011 Profiles of the Targeted: FBI Followed Me In My Car to a Parking Garage OpEdNews
1/13/2011 Anti-war leader Jess Sundin slams FBI infiltration of peace movement Fight Back! News
1/11/2011 All out Jan. 25 to stop FBI repression Workers World
1/7/2011 Labor Notes: Unions Condemn FBI 'Fishing Expedition' Labor Notes
1/7/2011 US activists facing grand jury garner broad support The Electronic Intifada
1/2/2011 Notions postulate of tyranny LA Activist
1/2/2011 Chewing Gum for Terrorists, OpEd by David Cole The New York Times
12/30/2010 U.S. Politicians Provide Material Support for Terrorism – So Where's the FBI?
12/23/2010 Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif Speaks at Press Conference, Condemns FBI Raids