Press Coverage

Post date Article Media Outlet
6/22/2011 FBI rules changes provoke Senate inquiry People's Weekly World
6/22/2011 Taking a Stand Against FBI Repression of the International Solidarity Movement Interconnect
6/22/2011 5 Outrageous Government Crackdowns on Peaceful Activists AlterNet
6/19/2011 Backward at the F.B.I. The New York Times
6/18/2011 Obama DOJ’s War on Free Speech & Activism Firedoglake
6/17/2011 Photos: Carlos Montes Arraignment and Protest in Ahambra, California Los Angeles Indymedia
6/16/2011 Video: Carlos Montes speaks out after court hearing Fight Back! News
6/16/2011 A voice for change - the 60s, the civil rights movement and today The Alhambra Source
6/16/2011 Supporters Rally to Defend Carlos Montes in Los Angeles Fight Back! News
6/15/2011 Immigrant rights activist to appear in court after FBI raided his home Free Speech Radio News
6/15/2011 Rescind President Obama's 'Transparency Award' now The Guardian (UK)
6/14/2011 Relaxed rules for FBI's domestic spying operations in 2011 handbook Fight Back! News
6/14/2011 Robert Mueller's Questionable Extension as FBI Director The Nation
6/14/2011 FBI probe could be headache for President Obama Politico
6/13/2011 Activists cry foul over FBI probe Washington Post
6/12/2011 New Developments in Targeting of Activists: Sheriffs and FBI Raid Home of Chicano Activist in Los Angeles Revolution
6/12/2011 حملة أميركية على أبودية Al-Jazeera
6/11/2011 New Subpoenas Issued in WikiLeaks Grand Jury Investigation: Time for a Political Support Committee? WikiLeaks Central
6/7/2011 Eric Holder protest: serious and spirited Southside Pride
6/6/2011 Attorney General Holder to FBI Victim: “I Shouldn’t Talk to You” The UpTake
6/5/2011 Milwaukee protest planned in solidarity with immigrants’ rights leader Carlos Montes Fight Back! News
5/29/2011 Speaking Up Over Attorney General’s Silence On FBI Misdeeds The UpTake
5/27/2011 NYC forum builds resistance to state repression Workers World
5/27/2011 FBI targeting political activists as terrorists Russia Today
5/27/2011 Holder's Minn. speech interrupted by protesters Minnesota Public Radio