Press Coverage

Post date Article Media Outlet
9/6/2011 The DOJ's escalating criminalization of speech Salon
8/31/2011 President Obama met by anti-war protest in Minnesota Fight Back! News
8/31/2011 Interview with Jess Sundin and Steff Yorek about FBI witch-hunts Out-FM
8/31/2011 Local activists gear up for G8, NATO summits planned for city Chicago Tribune
8/31/2011 Cities Pay Millions for First Amendment Violations and Police Violence. Will Chicago Be Next? Monthly Review
8/31/2011 To catch a terrorist: The FBI hunts for the enemy within Harper's
8/31/2011 A prime aim of the growing Surveillance State Salon
8/26/2011 WBAI's Out-FM Interview with Jess Sundin and Steff Yorek WBAI Radio, New York, NY
8/23/2011 "Are you now, or have you ever been...?" Freedom Socialist
8/23/2011 Sit down and shut up: the Patriot Act renewed Freedom Socialist
7/28/2011 Kucinich Asks Holder Why Justice Department Is Investigating Antiwar Activists Firedoglake
7/25/2011 Newberry Library's Bughouse Square Debates, preview of Stephanie Weiner's argument Chicagon Tribune
7/24/2011 A lingering question for the FBI’s director The Boston Globe
7/21/2011 Anti-war activists protest FBI repression at arraignment The Final Call
7/21/2011 The Criminalization of Palestinian Solidarity Activism by the US, Israel Firedoglake
7/21/2011 Backlash from US, Israel Against Palestinian Solidarity Activism Shows We’re Being Effective Firedoglake
7/17/2011 Garry McCarthy to NATO, G-8 protesters: Police will be ready Chicago Sun-Times
7/16/2011 L.A. activist is charged in FBI fishing expedition The Militant
7/12/2011 Protesta dice al FBI “Manos fuera de Carlos Montes!” La Conexión Latina
7/11/2011 Cynthia McKinney & Ray McGovern Support Local FBI Targets The UpTake
7/11/2011 Responding to FBI Raids of Anti-war Activists Fellowship Magazine - Fellowship of Reconciliation
7/11/2011 Obama Administration Using Anti-Terror Laws to Intimidate and Harass American Palestine Solidarity Activists AlterNet
7/11/2011 Looking at FBI Entrapment Foreign Policy in Focus
7/11/2011 The Making of Police State USA (From The Rosenberg Case to 2010 FBI Raids) Unwelcome Guests
7/11/2011 Carlos Montes and the Security State: A Cautionary Tale Truth Dig