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6/15/2011 Immigrant rights activist to appear in court after FBI raided his home Free Speech Radio News
4/21/2011 FBI target Hatem Abudayyeh defends the right to dissent Freedom Socialist
8/23/2011 Sit down and shut up: the Patriot Act renewed Freedom Socialist
8/23/2011 "Are you now, or have you ever been...?" Freedom Socialist
3/8/2012 A People’s History of the Grand Jury: From Defending Protest to Criminalizing Dissent Freedom Socialist Party
6/28/2011 Solidaridad en protesta con el activista pro inmigrante Carlos Montes Gente de Minnesota
8/31/2011 To catch a terrorist: The FBI hunts for the enemy within Harper's
11/4/2012 ‘Material support’ law used in Holy Land 5 case is how U.S. government harasses Palestine solidarity activists
8/2/2012 Support Obama in 2012? Part 1 The Policies So Far (Civil Liberties & Dissent)
12/14/2010 Terrorist by Association: The Justice Department targets nonviolent solidarity activists In These Times
2/3/2011 UE: FBI Investigation Hindered 2009 Bank Protest In These Times
6/22/2011 Bay Area activists rally to oppose FBI and Grand Jury political attacks Indymedia - East Bay
6/22/2011 Taking a Stand Against FBI Repression of the International Solidarity Movement Interconnect
1/28/2014 Criminalizing Resistance Jacobin
11/9/2014 Enforcing Apartheid Jacobin
3/11/2015 Organizing After the Odeh Verdict Jacobin
1/2/2011 Notions postulate of tyranny LA Activist
6/23/2011 Protesta en Minneapolis en Solidaridad con el Activista Pro Immigrante Carlos Montes La Conexión Latina
7/12/2011 Protesta dice al FBI “Manos fuera de Carlos Montes!” La Conexión Latina
11/1/2011 How not to catch a terrorist LA Times
1/7/2011 Labor Notes: Unions Condemn FBI 'Fishing Expedition' Labor Notes
6/17/2011 Photos: Carlos Montes Arraignment and Protest in Ahambra, California Los Angeles Indymedia
2/21/2012 Never Stop Fighting: Q&A with Ben Ehrenreich about his February feature about Chicano activist Carlos Montes Los Angeles Magazine
3/20/2012 Never Stop Fighting Los Angeles Magazine
7/6/2011 Shoring up the national security state Middle East Report