Press Coverage

Post date Article Media Outlet
12/2/2011 How Does He Defy Democracy? Let We Count the Ways Pacific Free Press
11/27/2011 Is the FBI Targeting Anti-War Activists? The Fight Back
11/15/2011 Carlos Montes Court Appearance: Activists say “Drop the Charges!” Fight Back! News
11/13/2011 National conference opposing FBI repression held in Chicago Workers World
11/11/2011 Jess Sundin tells anti-FBI repression conference: “From Colombia to Palestine, solidarity is not a crime!” Fight Back! News
11/8/2011 Committee to Stop FBI Repression conference: Successful and inspiring Fight Back! News
11/7/2011 Audio recordings of speeches from Committee To Stop FBI Repression Conference A-Infos Radio Project
11/7/2011 After 1 year, FBI returns property to Minnesota anti-war activists Politico
11/1/2011 How not to catch a terrorist LA Times
10/30/2011 Political organizers targeted by FBI stir NYC audience Workers World
10/7/2011 Activists challenge U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald on grand jury witch hunt Fight Back! News
10/5/2011 The Day America Died CounterPunch
9/30/2011 Government continues trumped up case against Carlos Montes Fight Back! News
9/30/2011 Chicano Activist Carlos Montes Makes His Case in Anaheim Ahead of Next Court Date OC Weekly
9/28/2011 March and rally in Minneapolis against FBI repression of anti-war activists Fight Back! News
9/28/2011 Chicago activists act up, speak out on anniversary of FBI Raids Fight Back! News
9/28/2011 L.A. Activists Confront Obama Fight Back! News
9/23/2011 Activists Targeted by the FBI Perform Street Theater to Mark Anniversary Firedoglake
9/18/2011 How the Road from 9/11 Led to My Door Al-Jazeera English
9/16/2011 Targeting Dissent Truthout
9/12/2011 Activists Rally Against State Repression in Washington D.C. Fight Back! News
9/12/2011 Remembering 9/11: A Call to Activism Al-Akbhar English (Beirut)
9/11/2011 US Muslims speak of unjust suspicion Al-Jazeera English
9/10/2011 How the Road from 9/11 Led to My Door OpEdNews
9/7/2011 Speakers bureau works for Iranian terror group Salon