Press Coverage

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6/1/2012 FBI harassing North Carolina activists FightBack News!
9/23/2012 Chicago protest demands: ‘End the investigation of anti-war and international solidarity activists’ Fightback! News
12/12/2012 More than 200 attend CT conference to defend civil liberties Fightback! News
6/10/2013 Now is the time to stand up to government surveillance Fightback! News
9/29/2013 Minneapolis pushes back against FBI repression of anti-war activists Fightback! News
11/2/2013 Anti-war activists fight government secrecy in push to unseal documents on FBI raids Fightback! News
1/2/2014 Anti-war leader hails release of Lynne Stewart Fightback! News
8/11/2014 Rasmea Odeh court hearing, Judge Borman refuses to step down Fightback! News
9/9/2014 Rasmea Odeh trial set for Nov. 4 Fightback! News
9/25/2014 Fighting repression 4 years after FBI raids on anti-war, international solidarity activists Fightback! News
11/9/2014 Trial of Palestinian American leader of Rasmea Odeh starts in Detroit Fightback! News
1/24/2015 All out for Detroit on March 12 to defend Rasmea Odeh Fightback! News
3/12/2015 Victory as Rasmea Odeh goes home after sentencing Fightback! News
10/1/2016 Rasmea’s lawyers file motion “to protect defendant from additional harm” Fightback! News
3/13/2017 In response to the Chicago Tribune: Rasmea Odeh is a survivor of sexual torture Fightback! News
5/10/2011 US Dept of Treasury Freezes Activist’s Bank Accounts Firedoglake
6/18/2011 Obama DOJ’s War on Free Speech & Activism Firedoglake
7/21/2011 Backlash from US, Israel Against Palestinian Solidarity Activism Shows We’re Being Effective Firedoglake
7/21/2011 The Criminalization of Palestinian Solidarity Activism by the US, Israel Firedoglake
7/28/2011 Kucinich Asks Holder Why Justice Department Is Investigating Antiwar Activists Firedoglake
9/23/2011 Activists Targeted by the FBI Perform Street Theater to Mark Anniversary Firedoglake
12/23/2010 Pacifica Flashpoints: U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald expands his witch hunt against anti-war and Palestine solidarity activists Flashpoints
9/16/2014 Interview with Micheal Deutsch Flashpoints News Magazine
7/11/2011 Looking at FBI Entrapment Foreign Policy in Focus
12/24/2013 Interview: FBI repression against Chicago activists Free City Radio