Press Coverage

Post date Article Media Outlet
11/18/2014 Rasmea Odeh and the Vilification of Brown Women’s Bodies Muslim Girl
11/13/2014 Palestinian Organizer Rasmea Odeh Jailed Hours After Being Convicted by Jury of Immigration Fraud The Dissenter
11/13/2014 Bay Area activists shut down federal building to protest Rasmea Odeh conviction Mondoweiss
11/13/2014 Odeh's conviction a racist attack on Arab Americans The Arab American News
11/11/2014 Defense promises to appeal guilty verdict against Rasmea Odeh The Electronic Intifada
11/11/2014 Palestinian Activist Rasmea Odeh Found Guilty in 'Travesty of Justice' Common Dreams
11/9/2014 "A political prosecution": inside the trial of Rasmea Odeh The Electronic Intifada
11/9/2014 Trial of Palestinian American leader of Rasmea Odeh starts in Detroit Fightback! News
11/9/2014 Dozens travel to Detroit to support Rasmea Odeh as trial begins The Electronic Intifada
11/9/2014 Will Rasmea Odeh Go to Prison Because of a Confession Obtained Through Torture? The Nation
11/9/2014 US government focuses on 45-year-old Israeli military ruling in trial of Rasmea Odeh The Electronic Intifada
11/9/2014 After tense last day, jury begins deliberations on Rasmea Odeh The Electronic Intifada
11/9/2014 Rasmea Odeh takes the stand in her own defense The Electronic Intifada
11/9/2014 Odeh testifies at trial: I did not lie The Arab American News
11/9/2014 Enforcing Apartheid Jacobin
11/4/2014 Angela Davis: Free Rasmea Odea, political prisoner The Detroit News
10/24/2014 Feminist scholars call on Obama to drop the torture-based charges against Rasmea Odeh Mondoweiss
10/21/2014 Judge rejects US call for anonymous jury in trial of Palestinian-American The Electronic Intifada
10/13/2014 As protest over Gaza grew, so did attacks on speech supporting Palestinian freedom Mondoweiss
10/13/2014 U.S. Attorney Trying to Jail Tortured Palestinian Activist Seeks Anonymous Jury The Huffington Post
10/6/2014 Judge refuses to dismiss “baseless” charges against Palestinian-American The Electronic Intifada
9/30/2014 Salaita Case: UI Publication Refuses Letter Criticizing Patrick Fitzgerald The Chicago Monitor
9/25/2014 Fighting repression 4 years after FBI raids on anti-war, international solidarity activists Fightback! News
9/16/2014 Interview with Micheal Deutsch Flashpoints News Magazine
9/16/2014 Activists call for political solidarity between Arab and African Americans The Arab American News