Press Coverage

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6/23/2011 Free to Search and Seize The New York Times
3/5/2011 Freedom of Assembly, Government Cracks down on Chicago Protesters The Daily Northwestern
5/12/2011 Frozen Bank Accounts and Free Speech in the US CounterPunch
7/17/2011 Garry McCarthy to NATO, G-8 protesters: Police will be ready Chicago Sun-Times
3/7/2011 Glenn Beck attacks Fight Back! News and Committee to Stop FBI Repression Fight Back! News
9/30/2011 Government continues trumped up case against Carlos Montes Fight Back! News
6/13/2014 Hatem Abudayyeh Defends Rasmea Odeh ClassWars
2/7/2011 Hatem Abudayyeh, Anti-War Activist, Says Palestinian Trips Had No Link To Terror Associated Press
12/1/2012 Hatem Abudeyyah speaking on Apex Express Radio: Solidarity with Palestine Apex Express KPFA 94.1 FM
5/27/2011 Holder's Minn. speech interrupted by protesters Minnesota Public Radio
12/2/2011 How Does He Defy Democracy? Let We Count the Ways Pacific Free Press
11/1/2011 How not to catch a terrorist LA Times
4/2/2014 How the FBI Goes After Activists Vice
9/10/2011 How the Road from 9/11 Led to My Door OpEdNews
9/18/2011 How the Road from 9/11 Led to My Door Al-Jazeera English
4/7/2017 I will continue my struggle Electronic Intifada
6/15/2011 Immigrant rights activist to appear in court after FBI raided his home Free Speech Radio News
3/13/2017 In response to the Chicago Tribune: Rasmea Odeh is a survivor of sexual torture Fightback! News
3/11/2015 In support of a just sentence for Rasmea Odeh Mondoweiss
5/27/2011 Inter-American Commission of Human Rights takes note of FBI repression in annual report Fight Back! News
8/31/2011 Interview with Jess Sundin and Steff Yorek about FBI witch-hunts Out-FM
9/16/2014 Interview with Micheal Deutsch Flashpoints News Magazine
12/24/2013 Interview: FBI repression against Chicago activists Free City Radio
11/27/2011 Is the FBI Targeting Anti-War Activists? The Fight Back
1/27/2011 January 25 Day of Action Round up