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11/13/2014 Palestinian Organizer Rasmea Odeh Jailed Hours After Being Convicted by Jury of Immigration Fraud The Dissenter
10/27/2015 Why Black Lives Matter Activists Are Showing Up for a Palestinian Woman Threatened With Deportation The Nation
11/9/2014 "A political prosecution": inside the trial of Rasmea Odeh The Electronic Intifada
8/23/2011 "Are you now, or have you ever been...?" Freedom Socialist
7/8/2011 "Selective enforcement" charged in raid of Chicano activist's home People's World
2/14/2014 3 years after the FBI raid of antiwar activists, search warrants are still sealed Star Tribune
6/30/2011 5 Outrageous Examples of FBI Intimidation and Entrapment AlterNet
6/22/2011 5 Outrageous Government Crackdowns on Peaceful Activists AlterNet
6/2/2012 A Grim Vision of America’s and the World’s Future CounterPunch
7/24/2011 A lingering question for the FBI’s director The Boston Globe
4/21/2016 A New Day for Rasmea Odeh: Throwing the Spotlight on Israeli Torture Reader Supported News
3/8/2012 A People’s History of the Grand Jury: From Defending Protest to Criminalizing Dissent Freedom Socialist Party
8/31/2011 A prime aim of the growing Surveillance State Salon
6/16/2011 A voice for change - the 60s, the civil rights movement and today The Alhambra Source
1/18/2013 Aaron Swartz and the Assault on Open Information Counterpunch
2/6/2011 Activist Richard Brown's Story of The SF8, FBI Repression, and the Return of COINTELPRO (Video) Activist Post
9/16/2014 Activists call for political solidarity between Arab and African Americans The Arab American News
10/7/2011 Activists challenge U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald on grand jury witch hunt Fight Back! News
3/8/2011 Activists confer across U.S. to plan the fight against FBI repression People's Tribune
6/13/2011 Activists cry foul over FBI probe Washington Post
5/18/2011 Activists decry claims made in found FBI documents suggesting probe rooted in Colombia trip Washington Post / Associated Press
1/29/2011 Activists ignore subpoenas, want end to 'FBI repression' The Final Call
9/12/2011 Activists Rally Against State Repression in Washington D.C. Fight Back! News
9/23/2011 Activists Targeted by the FBI Perform Street Theater to Mark Anniversary Firedoglake
5/18/2011 Activists unveil secret FBI documents for raid on home of anti-war activist Fight Back! News