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11/8/2011 Committee to Stop FBI Repression conference: Successful and inspiring Fight Back! News
11/11/2011 Jess Sundin tells anti-FBI repression conference: “From Colombia to Palestine, solidarity is not a crime!” Fight Back! News
11/13/2011 National conference opposing FBI repression held in Chicago Workers World
11/15/2011 Carlos Montes Court Appearance: Activists say “Drop the Charges!” Fight Back! News
11/27/2011 Is the FBI Targeting Anti-War Activists? The Fight Back
12/2/2011 How Does He Defy Democracy? Let We Count the Ways Pacific Free Press
2/1/2012 Chicago U.S. Attorney office confirms ‘investigation is continuing’ against anti-war, international solidarity activists Fight Back! News
2/6/2012 U.S. attorney’s office confirms investigation of anti-war activists is ongoing Workers World
2/11/2012 Carlos Montes back in court, pushes for info on frame up Fight Back! News
2/11/2012 FBI targeting political activists as terrorists Russia Today
2/18/2012 Creeping Fascism CounterPunch
2/21/2012 Never Stop Fighting: Q&A with Ben Ehrenreich about his February feature about Chicano activist Carlos Montes Los Angeles Magazine
3/8/2012 A People’s History of the Grand Jury: From Defending Protest to Criminalizing Dissent Freedom Socialist Party
3/20/2012 Never Stop Fighting Los Angeles Magazine
3/23/2012 FBI Entrapment and Preemptive Prosecution: The Case of Khalifah Al-Akili The National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF)
3/27/2012 First victory in case of Carlos Montes: 2 charges dismissed on March 27 Fight Back! News
4/6/2012 Charges in Case Against Chicano Activist Are Reduced EGP News
4/12/2012 Chicano activist in L.A. fights frame-up charges The Militant
4/23/2012 Radio Interview with Tom Burke Catalyst Radio
5/17/2012 Democracy Now!: FBI Crackdown on Antiwar Groups Targets Chicano, Brown Beret Activist Carlos Montes Democracy Now!
5/17/2012 Protesters rally for Alhambra Chicano activist Carlos Montes on first day of trial Pasadena Star News
5/17/2012 Protesters demand FBI drop charges against L.A. anti-war activist Chicago Sun-Times
5/17/2012 Protesters rally for Alhambra Chicano activist Carlos Montes on first day of trial San Gabriel Valley Tribune
5/17/2012 Photos: Rally for activist Carlos Montes at LA court Pasadena Star News
5/31/2012 Carlos Montes: political activist faces 22 years in jail over thrown soda can The Guardian