Press Coverage

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11/8/2011 Committee to Stop FBI Repression conference: Successful and inspiring
11/11/2011 Jess Sundin tells anti-FBI repression conference: “From Colombia to Palestine, solidarity is not a crime!”
11/13/2011 National conference opposing FBI repression held in Chicago
11/15/2011 Carlos Montes Court Appearance: Activists say “Drop the Charges!”
11/27/2011 Is the FBI Targeting Anti-War Activists?
12/2/2011 How Does He Defy Democracy? Let We Count the Ways
2/1/2012 Chicago U.S. Attorney office confirms ‘investigation is continuing’ against anti-war, international solidarity activists
2/6/2012 U.S. attorney’s office confirms investigation of anti-war activists is ongoing
2/11/2012 Carlos Montes back in court, pushes for info on frame up
2/11/2012 FBI targeting political activists as terrorists
2/18/2012 Creeping Fascism
2/21/2012 Never Stop Fighting: Q&A with Ben Ehrenreich about his February feature about Chicano activist Carlos Montes
3/8/2012 A People’s History of the Grand Jury: From Defending Protest to Criminalizing Dissent
3/20/2012 Never Stop Fighting
3/23/2012 FBI Entrapment and Preemptive Prosecution: The Case of Khalifah Al-Akili
3/27/2012 First victory in case of Carlos Montes: 2 charges dismissed on March 27
4/6/2012 Charges in Case Against Chicano Activist Are Reduced
4/12/2012 Chicano activist in L.A. fights frame-up charges
4/23/2012 Radio Interview with Tom Burke
5/17/2012 Democracy Now!: FBI Crackdown on Antiwar Groups Targets Chicano, Brown Beret Activist Carlos Montes
5/17/2012 Protesters rally for Alhambra Chicano activist Carlos Montes on first day of trial
5/17/2012 Protesters demand FBI drop charges against L.A. anti-war activist
5/17/2012 Protesters rally for Alhambra Chicano activist Carlos Montes on first day of trial
5/17/2012 Photos: Rally for activist Carlos Montes at LA court
5/31/2012 Carlos Montes: political activist faces 22 years in jail over thrown soda can

Events and Actions

Date Event
Washington, D.C.: Presentation and Discussion Session with Meredith Aby, activist from Minneapolis and Sarah Smith, activist from Chicago
Milwaukee: FBI Repression and the Anti-War Movement
Activists in the Crosshairs: What is “material support” and what happens to those convicted of it?
FBI Repression from Latin America to Your Front Door: Committee to Stop FBI Repression
Jess Sundin speaks against FBI repression
Civil liberties, Preemptive Prosecution and Political Prisoners in the Post-9/11 Era
Minneapolis Says No to FBI Repression
Been to Palestine Lately? The FBI Might Come Knocking at Your Door
Does the FBI have dirt on you or your group? Fill out a FOIA request!
Criminalizing Dissent: A Forum
I was subpoenaed by the FBI for traveling to Israel and Palestine
Legislative working group meeting on April 26
Law as a Weapon of War: A Peoples Assembly to Confront Preemptive Prosecution via the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, and Anti-Immigrant Legislation in the 21st Century
Got Free Speech? A talk by the international award-winning author Michael Parenti
Dissent is Not a Crime: Two Subpoenaed Activists Speak Out
Speaking out against Grand Jury and FBI Repression
A Talk by Anh Pham: Where Have Our Civil Liberties Gone?
Legislative Working Group conference call May 10
Political Repression in Palestine and the U.S.: Criminalizing the Palestinian National Movement
Solidarity is NOT a Crime! Protest U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder!
Resisting State Repression: Confronting Police and FBI Repression of Communities of Color & Oppressed Nationalities
Press conference to reveal new development in the case against 23 anti-war and international solidarity activists
Stop the Repression: Public meeting about the FBI raid on activist Carlos Montes
CSFR National Conference Call, Legislative Working Group meeting
Then They Came for Me: Civil Liberties in Peril in Chicago