Press Coverage

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2/23/2011 Chicago activist raided by FBI visits Seattle to raise money for legal defense Real Change
2/23/2011 Southern regional conference to stop FBI repression builds solidarity Fight Back! News
3/4/2011 Peace Activist Sues Minneapolis For Police Violence, Withholding Evidence The Uptake
3/5/2011 Freedom of Assembly, Government Cracks down on Chicago Protesters The Daily Northwestern
3/7/2011 Glenn Beck attacks Fight Back! News and Committee to Stop FBI Repression Fight Back! News
3/8/2011 Activists confer across U.S. to plan the fight against FBI repression People's Tribune
3/10/2011 The Committee to Stop FBI Repression The Muslim Observer
3/23/2011 FBI raids activists Pacifica Radio, KPFK Los Angeles
3/31/2011 Anti-war campaigners and pro-Palestinian activists under FBI fire in US The National
3/31/2011 F.B.I. Casts Wide Net Under Relaxed Rules for Terror Inquiries, Data Show The New York Times
4/18/2011 Q&A: Palestinian activist Sarah Smith ‘08 Scarlet & Black
4/20/2011 Minneapolis Anti-War Committee Chalks Up FBI The UpTake
4/21/2011 FBI target Hatem Abudayyeh defends the right to dissent Freedom Socialist
4/26/2011 ROWLEY & LEGGIERE: Let the Patriot Act die The Washington Times
5/8/2011 We Have To Demand Power Won't Concede Twin Cities Daily Planet
5/9/2011 Palestinian Solidarity Activist's Bank Accounts Frozen by US Government WikiLeaks Central
5/9/2011 US freezes Chicago Palestinian leader’s bank accounts The Electronic Intifada
5/10/2011 US Dept of Treasury Freezes Activist’s Bank Accounts Firedoglake
5/12/2011 Frozen Bank Accounts and Free Speech in the US CounterPunch
5/18/2011 Activists decry claims made in found FBI documents suggesting probe rooted in Colombia trip Washington Post / Associated Press
5/18/2011 What the FBI Left Behind The UpTake
5/18/2011 Papers left behind by FBI decried by antiwar activists Star Tribune
5/18/2011 BREAKING: FBI plans, interview questions discovered in raided activist’s home The Electronic Intifada
5/18/2011 Activists unveil secret FBI documents for raid on home of anti-war activist Fight Back! News
5/19/2011 Papers shed light on FBI's anti-war activist probe Minnesota Public Radio News