Press Coverage

Post date Article Media Outlet
3/17/2015 Arab Community Leader Rasmea Odeh: Sentence Impacted by Broad Support The Chicago Monitor
3/17/2015 BFP Exclusive- PTSD, Community, and Character: Notes on the Trial of Rasmea Odeh Boiling Frogs Post
3/17/2015 Odeh sentenced to 18 months, remains free pending appeal The Arab American News
3/17/2015 Suburban Palestinian immigrant sentenced to 18 months in prison in terror-related case The Chicago Sun Times
3/12/2015 Victory as Rasmea Odeh goes home after sentencing Fightback! News
3/12/2015 Supporters mobilize on eve of Rasmea Odeh’s sentencing Electronic Intifada
3/12/2015 Supporters rally for Arab activist in immigration case The Detroit News
3/11/2015 In support of a just sentence for Rasmea Odeh Mondoweiss
3/11/2015 US demands long prison term for Rasmea Odeh, based on Israeli accusations The Electronic Intifada
3/11/2015 Organizing After the Odeh Verdict Jacobin
3/11/2015 The Atticus of Attica Super Lawyers
3/11/2015 AHRC urges court to reverse Rasmea Odeh conviction The Arab Daily News
3/7/2015 Rasmea Odeh Fundraiser Successful Despite Opposition Threats The Chicago Monitor
1/24/2015 All out for Detroit on March 12 to defend Rasmea Odeh Fightback! News
12/5/2014 Rasmea Odeh in prolonged solitary confinement in Michigan jail Electronic Intifada
11/18/2014 Rasmea Odeh and the Vilification of Brown Women’s Bodies Muslim Girl
11/13/2014 Odeh's conviction a racist attack on Arab Americans The Arab American News
11/13/2014 Bay Area activists shut down federal building to protest Rasmea Odeh conviction Mondoweiss
11/13/2014 Palestinian Organizer Rasmea Odeh Jailed Hours After Being Convicted by Jury of Immigration Fraud The Dissenter
11/11/2014 Defense promises to appeal guilty verdict against Rasmea Odeh The Electronic Intifada
11/11/2014 Palestinian Activist Rasmea Odeh Found Guilty in 'Travesty of Justice' Common Dreams
11/9/2014 "A political prosecution": inside the trial of Rasmea Odeh The Electronic Intifada
11/9/2014 Dozens travel to Detroit to support Rasmea Odeh as trial begins The Electronic Intifada
11/9/2014 Will Rasmea Odeh Go to Prison Because of a Confession Obtained Through Torture? The Nation
11/9/2014 US government focuses on 45-year-old Israeli military ruling in trial of Rasmea Odeh The Electronic Intifada