The CAPR Anthem by Ron Schupp

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Hands Off the 23 and Carlos Montes
FBI You have no case
And the actions you’re pursuing
Are a national disgrace
Drop your infernal subpoenas
Circular file them one and all
Jonas, you will not prevail
And you have your unmitigated gall

We will stand as one against you
You just wait, your day will come
Our unified voice is stronger than you
We’ll stand firm till justice is done

So come and join us one and all
Raise your fists into the sky
Follow suit with your banners
Hang tough, never say die
The time is now, yeah time’s wasting
Let the world, let this world know
What is happening is not legal
Our movement will only grow

America, you better wake up
This includes every one of you, too
Civil liberties in jeopardy
If the government wins, then so much for the truth