Audio: Then They Came for Me - Civil Liberties in Peril in Chicago

The Obama Administration has gone out of its way to continue the Empire's wars, expand the Imperial Presidency and undermine the US Constitution as it seeks to stifle decent to its policies which in any other country would be acknowledged as the precursors to full blown Fascism but in it's 21st century form; "Inverted totalitarianism and managed democracy" (see The title of the program refers to a statement by Paster Martin Niemoller whose reluctance to challange Nazi repression when directed at "others" observes that by the time he understood that he too was in danger it was too late for there was no one left to speak on his behalf. The presenters assembled for this program offer some historical context along with direct testimony from people being threatened by the Obama administration for exercising their First Amendment Rights.
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A-Infos Radio Project

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