Say No to Police Repression of NATO/G8 Protests

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Protest at the 2008 Republican National Convention

The CSFR Signs Letter to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The CSFR is working with the United National Antiwar Committee and many other anti-war groups to organize mass rallies and protests on May 15 and May 19, 2012. We will protest the powerful and wealthy war-makers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Group of 8. Mobilize your groups, unions, and houses of worship. Bring your children, friends, and community. Demand jobs, healthcare, housing and education, not war!

Office of the Mayor
City of Chicago
To: Mayor Rahm Emanuel

We, the undersigned, demand that your administration grant us permits for protests on May 15 and 19, 2012, including appropriate rally gathering locations and march routes to the venue for the NATO/G8 summit taking place that week. We come to you because your administration has already spoken to us through Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. He has threatened mass arrests and violence against protestors.

[Read the full text of the letter here]

For the 10s of thousands of people from Chicago, around the country and across the world who will gather here to protest against NATO and the G8, we demand that the City of Chicago:

  1. Grant us permits to rally and march to the NATO/G8 summit
  2. Guarantee our civil liberties
  3. Guarantee us there will be no spying, infiltration of organizations or other attacks by the FBI or partner law enforcement agencies.

[View the initial list of signatories and endorsers here]

Events and Actions


1Linden GawboyMNWelfare Rights Committee
2Kosta HarlanNCTriangle Committee to Stop FBI Repression
3Linda JansenWASeattle United Against FBI Repression
4Janae ChoquetteWA
5Ben CarrollNCRaleigh FIST, UNC Students for a Democratic Society
6Mick KellyMNMN Coalition for a Peoples Bailout
7Esther CastellonCANone
9Mark E. SmithCA
10Joe ScarryIL
11Andres HernandezIL
12Jennifer SlatteryCA
13Rob PoeILFriends of Leon Berger Society
14Thomas BakerILNicaragua Solidarity Committee Fair Trade Resource
15Kent MoriIL
16Nick EgnatzINVeteran for Peace
17Mary Lou FinnIL
18Mary OSullivan
19Joe BalkisILTeamster defense Guard
20Kathy KellyILVoices for Creative Nonviolence
21Bob SchwartzGay Liberation Network
22Gerald Paoli
23Gerald PaoliILVoices for Creative Nonviolence
24Michelle WrightIL
25Stephanie BilenkoIL
26Jay BeckerILWorld Can't Wait
27Niko GMN
28Rosalie RiegleIL
29Gwen FarryIL
30Beverley WalterIL
31Lawrence Atkin
32Jen HaggardILSEIU Local 73
33James DeanILAutumnus, Inc.
34Caroline HerzenbergIL
35Rich WilsonPA
36Tom BurkeMICommittee to Stop FBI Repression
37Meredith AbyAnti-War Committee
38Sergio FinardiIL
39Craig StevensThomas Merton Center for Peace & Justice, Pittsburgh
40Bryan PfeiferWIWisconsin Bail Out The People Movement
41Mary OSullivanFriends of Irish Freedom
42John BachtellILCommunist Party USA
43Brian McLauchlinIL
44Dan KlugeILStudents for a Democratic Society
45Larry DuncanILLabor Beat co-producer
46Kazi (World Future Online)
48John StillKY
49Burton SteckIL
50Gerald SwansonFLProActivists of Volusia
51Chuck KaufmanDCAlliance for Global Justice
52eddie hinesMN
53Alice BowronMN
54Tamara WingILMoveOn
55Scott ChaseFL
56David Kreiss-TomkinsAK
57John SatchellCA
58marshall arnoldIL
59Lois Jordan
60Rebekkah OlsonMN
61Amber GarlanMN
62Neil HuntCA
63John McHaleIL
64Cristy MurrayOR
65Frederick Rosen
66luis vegaNY
67Lorraine FontanaGASONG; GPJC; Project South; First Existentialist Social Justice Guild
68Richard GreeneCAI'm the man
69molly brewerWI
70Charles TottenWA
71Jean Jacques BarreraTX
72Sheryl Kaplan
73Eric KrasinskiNY
74Sylvia SchwarzMN
75Sara WallenfangMI
76Russell NovkovWI
77Mary Ellen KaluzaMN
78Dwain JonesCA
79Beverly BolingTX
80Rogers TurrentineVeterans for Peace
81Patsy LoweCA
82Nayeem AslamIL
83Michael MetzMEChA
84Lloyd FillionMA
85James Greer
86Greg Burnet
87Elizabeth AdamsMAapjwm
88Mike AlewitzCTLabor Art & Mural Project
89Joe PiettePAPhilly IAC
90ron jacobsTX
91Jacob GriesmerWI
92Amie King
93Paul LenartNVIWW, Reno
94Hugh StudebakerORHome
95Richard RogersNAM
96Jan BoudartILNews and Letters
97Judy LubowCO
98Bobbie Flowers
99Manuel BarreraMN
100John EarlAL
101Michael LetwinNYNew York City Labor Against the War; Labor for Palestine
102Alice Diane KischCAJewish Voice for Peace
103John Barfield
104Craig AlthageILInternational Socialist Organization
105Lynn Shoemaker
106Sherrill FutrellCA
107Jon SuartMA
108Rupa ShahIL
109Charity Moschopoulos
110William CrumNYVeterans for Peace
111Chris (affiliation only)
112Theodore RadamakerCA
113Joel AndersonUT
114Michael W EvansCA
115Nan CorlissMNWAMM
116Vic and Barby Ulmerour developing world
117Pamela Ryan
118Mary AdamsNY
119Kelly RyanMN
120Nicholas Sammond
121Coleen and Ross RowleyMNBurnsville Peace Vigil, Burnsville, MN
122Gregory StricherzMN
123Vincent Ruiz BouvetCA
124Martino LazzareschiRIUS Green Commerce
125Anne KeirsteadMN
126 Rob MccueSC
127Lance KirbyOH
128Tobey WiebeCAGrandmothers against the War/ Bay Area
129Nancy GuenetteMN
130Raymond NashMD
131Patrick StantonVT
132Larry SiegelNJ
133sundae shieldsCA
134Arthur BrennanNHVeterans for Peace
135Larry Siegel
136S.A. MartinsonMNWomen Against Military Madness
137Tim DudaTX
138adam vamosi
139Lisa HilyerCA
140susan mageePA
141paul steinNY
142Teresa LewisAZ
143Gail Lehman
144Lori MulveyMI
145Stephen ChengNY
146Thomas SaffoldMIself
147Ayesha GillCA
148Michael ChamberlainMA
149Neil LandersIL
150Raj BalasubramanianIL
151Barbara VedderWI
152David Ashmore
153Carol BrownNY
154Andrea FordILUniversity of Chicago
155Lisa SimeoneMDOctober2011 Coalition
156Lee StanfieldAZ
157Marilee ArmstrongTX
158Richard DiMatteoCAIndividual
159Herb KlineMA
160Cathy GuthrieCA
161Mary SingausCA
162Robert LujanCASchool of the Americas Watch LA
163Carol SucheckiCA
164ordell veeMN
165John RyanUniversity of Winnipeg
166David BerntILTeamsters Local 705
167John and Martha StoltenbergWI
168Stan SerafinNMDATA Charter HS
169Rima KapitanIL
170Patricia Blochowiak
171Julie McCarthyCO
172Laurie TanenbaumIL
173Erik Noel NelsenWAYakima South Central Counties Central Labor Council
174Charles MontesCA
175Barbara LarcomMD
176Dennis BrickerIA
177Nancee FoxCA
178Nancy GathingWI
179Barbara GottsteinMN
180Vernon HuffmanORBike4Peace
181Eithne CunninghamCA
182Andrew KafelNJ
183Theodore MornelNJ
184Bruce MorganCA
185elizabeth parkerHI
186Philip DennanyIN
187Jonathan MitchellAL
188June TerpstraILLEARN
189James WilcoxVA
190Mary RowellFL
191Karen SchieveUnited Educators of San Francisco (Teachers' Union of SF., CA)
192Jim BronstenKYUnited National Antiwar Comm; member AFSCME 62 * id purposes
194Kyle Mehl
195Allen GreenbergNY
196Tanveer MallickIL
197Richard A. and Ingeborg CalabroAZ
198Sean BechtoldPA
199Edmond HambarsumianCA
200Alan HaggardCA
201Hacha C NorrisNC
202Brandon HarrisINCommunist Party U.S.A.
203Nino Petroni
204William EwaldCA
205Irene O'Neill
206Caitlin FlynnIL
207Arthur Maglin
208Jeff Mullen
209Keith JohnsonCA
210Lyndon ComstockCA
211Travis Frampton
212Michael LairdNY
213Sondra Katz
214Nicholas GilliamIA
215Michael Wolf HeartNMNew Mexico United against FBI Repression.
216Patricia Ornelas-MoyaCA
217Matthew William MillerWIMadison Free School!
218barbara macekNY
219Matthew William MillerWIMadison Free School!
220Arnold MatlinNYGenesee Valley Citizens for Peace
221John H AndersonCA
222Rema Lewis
223James Bochenek
224Willem VanLeenhoff
225Richard R CarlsonNY
226Iñaki Serraller Vizcaino
227paul kaneIN
228James OwensNY
229Sol MetzMI
230scott camilFLVeterans for Peace Chapter 14
231Leslie CaganNY
232Tod JonesCTKent Democratic Town Committee
233Rudy Friesen
234Ruthann OvenshireMN
235Wade JohnsonMN
236herbert davisMN
237James HardwickTXSocialist Unity For The Americas
238Anna Maria BlackshirePA
239Karl PavloffOHCincinnati 9/11 Truth
240Vincent HardtIL
241Merrill A. CarterCO
242Richard PaddockNCStop FBI Repression
243Lisa SavageMECODEPINK Maine
244Vic BurtonMO
245Kathy MolitorWI
246Michelle GaffeyPAPittsburgh Anti-Sweatshop Community Alliance
247Wells Staley-MaysMEPeace Action Maine
248richard dodsCA
249Harold TaggartILCerebral Reconfiguration Project
250Ken TiveyMNMerriam Park Neighbors for Peace
251Nicholas MantasNJ
252Rael Nidess, M.D.TX
253Richard KodaCT
254Hedda HaningWV
255Jon PhillipsGAN/A
256Dr. F TaylorILJewish Voice for Peace
257Sascha Bollag
258Rudy LozanoIL22nd Ward Independent Political Organization
259Brian Gregor
260Gregory ButterfieldNYeditor, Absent Cause magazine
261John DorganIL
262Dave BickingMN
263Adam Hammick
264John DorganIL
265Richard KramerCA
266Mike AbaleKY
267Nigel ParryPAIndymedia
268Eric WhitneyTXRetired Military, Citizen
269Loreen TargosIL
270Marianna BallouMA
271Gregg ShotwellMI
272Sarah Whitman
273Jake TerpstraMIIGE
274George MillsPAThe Blitz
275Richard BlakeStudents for a Democratic Society
276Ryan SabolMN
277Chris EngenMNHoly Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA), South Minneapolis
278Bob Bossie, SCJILPriests of the Sacred, 8th Day Center for Justice
279Maria MaciasIL
280Dan WichtMN
281Linda DanielsILGenerations 4 Peace
282Carol DudekNY
283Peter ScottINImpromptu Action
284Carol DudekNY
285Zeke PerkinsMD
286joyce niksicIN
287Janet NyeMN
288Brian HokansonMN
289Karen FordIL
290Robert NewVT
291Kathe GarbrickKS
292Kelly SheridanIL
293Philip FornaciDCDC Statehood Green Party
294paul waiteMAAFSCME local 1776
295Marguerite CoyleNC
296Bob RossiOR
297Wayne MullinsMO
298David FaubionPeace Education Books
299Michael LadsonPA
300Peter von ChristiersonWA
301jan cole
302Sue UdryMDDefending Dissent Foundation
303Mark Brouwer
304alina dollatamnesty international
305Mark M GieseWInone
306Richard AllenFL
307Mel PackerPA
308Enzo BardNY
309martha LujanCASOAWLA
310gene hernandezCAgreen party
311Kristen HoerlIN
312Bonnie WeinsteinCABay Area United Against War Newsletter BAUAW.ORG
313Johann HollarMN
314Leslie GoldNY
315Mark Bradshaw-MillerMOWestminster Presbyterian Church
316Ellen GarzaIL
317Jean AndersonMNMinnesota 9/11 Truth
318Simone RichmondCA
319Tina KounelasIL
320Susan Balmer
321jarret wolfmanNY
322Rev. Nancy Anderson
323Lesley AhmedWA
324Beverly RiceNY
325Ellen BarfieldMD
326Michael McHughILAFSCME 3506
327Jack HubbsCA
328Jonathan Johnsthe 7 billion People of Planet Earth
329JoAnn Witt
330Brent RocksOR
331Bertha KrieglerNY
332Arturo J. Viscarra
333Rhoda Rae GutierrezIL
334John Bromer
335Elizabeth Burr
336John HerronNC
337Johnny GuthmanCO
338Monique De SantisCA
339Randy HosmanAR
340judith ackermanNYuft
341John BernardMEMaine People's Alliance
342Matthew Iskra
343Brian HusebyInternational Socialist Organization
344John HockmanIL
345Michael GrantzKYCumberland Center for Justice and Peace
346Jean Mont-EtonCA
347jain youngINFort Wayne for Peace
348Val SanfilippoCA
349Chandra Lamp
350deniz inalIL
351Traci MillerMO
352Lon WithersIL
353Rafael Franco-Cuevas AZ
354Millie PhillipsCANew National Assembly to Bring the Troops Home Now
355Lenore SheridanCA
356Lucille Bertuccio
359James FosterIL
360Doug Turnbull
361Carlos MontesCALatinos Against War
362Jim YarbroughCA
363Daniel DaleWellington Avenue United Church of Christ
364Mike ToftMN
366Miriam PickensMIUAW, Local 909, Retired
367Ricardo U. BergCA
368glenn sheltonMI
369Ari CowanCA
370Emily LobergOR
371Marcia HalliganWIKickapoo Peace Circle
372Evelyn HaasPANE Phila.for Peace&Justice,First amendment Network,Bubbas &Zaydas 4 Peace in the Middle East
373Jack IngersollWI
374Marissa KrashefskiNY
375Amiris BrownNC
376Charles Austin Exec. Dir.TX
377T. M. KraemerWI
378Corey E. OlsenWICEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm
379Jeremey KowalskiWIBail Out the People Movement, Student for Democratic Society, Students for Sensible Drug Policy
380Claudes SpiroMA
381dinda evansCA
382Rick JacobsMNanti-war committee MN
383Mark ByrneCAPeople for Peace
384Brian GibbonsMD
385Christo FranklinCA
386Sandra TurnerNY
387Maria PizarroILAFCSME
388Katherine WeathersAL
389Vicki Fox
390Lewis PatrieNC
391Kim McCoyMN
392Mares HirchertMI
393Gregory KogerIL
394Pete KlostermanCA
395Pam NathLA
396Priscilla LynchMAWestern Mass Code Pink
397Russell BatesCA
398Stephen RichardsonCA
399Margaret J. NelsonIL
400Mike AndersonVASingularity Solutions
401Sara FloundersNYInternational Action Center
402Larry HolmesNYBail Out the People Movement
403Jose Luis DiazPRCasa Las Americas
404Jose Luis DiazPRCasa Las Americas
405Cherrene HorazukMNAFSCME 3800
406Trish GallagherMACode Pink
407Margaret SawyerCTAAC< Alarmed American Citizen
408Amie KingCO
409Kathleen MerriganWAIBEW 77
410Jorge MujicaILMarch 10 Immigration Movement
411Robert SandgrundNY
412Laura MirelezMN
413Sol MetzMI
414Lois Jordan
415Patsy LoweCAActivist
416shauna gundersonCA
417Rebecca Anshell SongCA
418Alan ArnoldNM
419joyce niksicIN
420Martha W D BushnellCOCommittee to Stop FBI Repression
421Nicholas MantasNJ
422Sherrill FutrellCA
423Nancy L Cowger
424Adrienne WellerWARadical Women
425Philip DennanyINUnited States of America
426Jeff Kline
427Stephanie frizzellWAIWW
428Ellen GarzaIL
429Jean EngelkemeirCSFR
430Jean EngelkemeirILCSFR
431Amy MeyersILChicago Coalition Against War and Racism
432Scott CampbellAZ
433Rafael Franco-CuevasAZ
434Robert StebbinsOR
435Brent RocksOR
436Kristine MayleILCaucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE)
437Johann HollarMN
438Melissa HillMNTwin Cities Indymedia
439Kevin GosztolaILFiredoglake
440Mary FlanaganCAUnited Teachers of Richmond
441Tom TerranovaIL
442Judy GreenspanCAInternational Action Center
443Russell NovkovWI
444Erin StalnakerIL
445John RokasMIGlobal Green
447Jean BailsMInone
448Gisela LopezIL
449Sonny GarciaILLatinos Unidos para Cambio - de/ IPA - CIOP
450Stefen RobinsonILCommon Action Free School
451Jessica CookIL
452Matthew IskraWA
453alina dollatamnesty international
454Corey E. OlsenWICEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm
455Brian O'ConnellMA
456John HerronNC
457Dr. F TaylorILBenedictine University
458Evelyn HaasPANortheast Philly for Peace and Justice
459Richard RogersPA
460Nancy LoewenCA
461Ellen BarfieldMD
462ML WilmMN
463Tom RidderingMNVeterans for Peace
464Robbie SprinklePA
465Dick ReillyILChicago Coalition Against War and Racism
466Brandon NackeWI
467Burton SteckIL
468Ryan BranaganPitt Students for Justice in Palestine
470Charles McCallWI
471Lisa SimeoneMDOctober2011 Coalition
472Nancy L CowgerIL
473Lawrence GrunbergerNY
474Jeni DeMarcoNYCitizen of the United States
475Donal ButterfieldNY
476Cedar DvorinVANorthern Virginians for Peace & Justice
477Linda SchadeMDVotesrForPeace
478Randi KristensenDC
479Philip FornaciDCDC Statehood Green Party
480Thomas SnellCA
481Bob BristerUT
482Michael Gomel
483Margie RydbergWI
484Glen SandbergMS
485Michael MartinID
486Max ObuszewskiMDBaltimore Nonviolence Center
487Lori SteckervetzWI
488Robert JacobsonNY
489John Nettleton
490Nick EgnatzINVeteran for Peace
491John Richkus
492J. Michael SpringmannDCAssociation of National Security Alumni
493Alex Balboa
494nick albaughNY
495CJ HinkeWA
496Mary Lou FinleyCAPeace and Freedom Party
497Deborah GoodmanMA
498Steve MacekILChicago Media Action
499Antonio WhiteMDDefending Dissent Foundation
500Matthew SwyersCA
501Matthew SwyersCA
502Judi PoulsonMN
503Bonita StaasIL
504Beth RockwellPA
505W. Allen WredeNY
506Donna KittrellVA
507genny kortesWA
508therese schooley
509S. Benmosché
510Lawrence C. HagerVANorthern Virginians for Peace and Justice
511Mark HealdTNretired
512Martha ShelleyORCode Pink Portland
513Orlin BoeningOR
514Cindy VerloopCADefending Decent
515Connie HogarthNYConnie Hogarth Center for Social Action, Manhattanville College
516Fadi SabaCulture and Conflict Forum
517Charles CallmanOR
518Dorothy DangerfieldNY
519Laurie Jaynes-HoffmannNCThe Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
520Hazel WestlyORStand for Peace
521Stephen LaneMD
522Ben KnappIN
523Jacob RoelandMS
524Patricia ChangIN
525Sam ParrishOR
526Thomas NephewMD
527RuthClaire WeintraubNYKemo Sabe Menagement
528Fred HirschCAPlumbers & Pipefitters Local 393
529Herman SchwendingerFL
530Mary CarrickDC
531Evan EdwardsIN
532Romy CarverORNone
533barbara colemanCA
534Lois Jordan
535Denise LytleNJ
536Kenneth MayersNMVeterans for Peace
537Candace Shepard
538Aaron UckoDC
539Jessi ChoeIL
540Vu Nguyen
541Harry KershnerOR
542Lawrence CrowleyCO
543Gene UlmerUT
544Glenn ThuresonWA
545Leah BolgerORVeterans For Peace
546Steve EdigerIL
547Abraham RodriguezIL
548Joan PhillipsILNew New Deal
549Jon BramsPA
550Paul HelblingOHRetired
551Donna WallachCAJustice for Palestinians
552Benjamin WadeCA
553Dwain JonesCA
554Richard GreeneCAI got soul and I'm super bad!
555Jayna WilliamsCA
556Oliver SwiftNY
557Elce RedmondILSouth Austin Coalition
558Susan OehlerNC
559Betsy Wolf-GravesCASilicon Valley De-Bug
560Art HansonMI
561Pamela VasquezOR
562Olga StricklandAZ
563Joan BermanNM
564Lenore SheridanCA
565Marilyn MooreCA
566Mark WeinbergILOpen U. of the Left, Chicago
567Natalie HansonMI
568James BochenekNY
569C. T. WeberCAPeace and Freedom Party of California
570Peter SpornILArab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East
571Hedy EpsteinMO
572Tom WilsonILChicago Disability Rights Network
573Rich YurmanCA
574Salvatore MastrianoPAFirst Amendment Network [FAN, Phila., PA.]
575Corey E. OlsenWICEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm
576Danelle WylderILJoin the Impact Chicago
577Helen ReadCAEl Cerrito Democratic Club
578George SmithOH
579Laura HoffmanMN
580Timothy Phan
581Beth ShapiroMNMn Stop Fbi, etc.
582Douglas BensonOR
583Denise RomesburgAZ
584Tillyruth TeixeiraMASEIU retiree
585Lawrence TurkNC
586Justus Fortado
587Lisa DawleyCA
588annette white-parksORcode pink
589L. GlasnerNY
590Gretchen HenningerILLogan Square Neighbors for Justice and Peace
591Andrew HeisermanILChicago Teachers Union
592Glen WilliamsCA
593Jacob HydenUTUtah Valley University
594Carl FinamoreCAformer Pres, (ret), IAMAW, Local Lodge 1781
595Patrick McCannMDVeterans For Peace, Montgomery County (MD) Edcators Association
596matt kleinCAmember- bricklayers allied craft workers local california
597sharon maldonadoCA
598John Stupak III
599Albert ValenciaCAENOUGH
600John and Martha StoltenbergWI
601Corey E. OlsenWICEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm
602Mark HealdTNretired
603Judi PoulsonMN
604Glen SandbergMS
605Denise LytleNJ
606Joe WilliamsILSurveyWriter
607Bonnie WeinsteinCABay Area United Against War Newsletter BAUAW.ORG
608Gene UlmerUT
609Allison SaftPA
610Lois Jordan
611Dwain JonesCA
612Mary Lou FinleyCAPeace and Freedom Party
613Karen WellsORcitizens for real change
614Susan BradleyTX
615Glen WilliamsCA
616Sandra ColeWAcitizen
617Tamara SmithIL
618Nick EgnatzINVeteran for Peace
619Jeff KlineCA
620Brad GriffithMN
621Joan PhillipsILNewNew Deal
622Edwin RollinsMOI.W.W.
623John UllrichIL
624sand fesslerrochester against war, Rochester, NY
625Vicki RyderNC
626Tim AdamsNYCommunity Education Task Force - Rochester, NY
627Jacob DalagerNYInternational Socialist Organization
628Lisa SimeoneMDOctober2011
629A CMovimento per la società di giustizia e per la speranza
630John and Martha StoltenbergWI
631James SwartsNYProgressives In Action, VFP, HAW
632Bruce PeakNYA.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition - Syracuse
633Daniel BelachewMA
634J BurgerILLabor organizer Chicago
635Charlene BoydstonNVn/a
636Peter KuttnerILIATSE Local 600
637Jessica SundinMNMN Anti-War Committee
638Rebecca RitterCA
639Steve MacekIL
640Susan OehlerNCVeterans for Peace, Chapter 099
641Alan HaggardCA
642Stephen RichardsonCA
643Stuart DaviesOR
644alina dollatamnesty international
645Michael MaholtzPA
646Theodore MornelNJ
647Claude SpiroMA
648Matthew William MillerWIMadison Free School
649Bara BergMN
650Mary BeaudoinMNWomen Against Military Madness
652David HolmquistIL
653John Gouvas
654Stephen BikoPeople of South Africa
655John Gouvas
656Amy SelviusMNAFSCME Local 3800, U of MN Clerical Workers
657David LawrenceNYNational Lawyers Guild
659Gerald Birkhahn-RommelfangerIL
660Lee GargaglianoILInternational Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
661Lorelei BardenSC
662Pablo HariedAZ
663Tim FuhrmeisterIALibertarian Socialist Federation
664Daniel Kretz
665Zach RalstonOH
666David Adamson
667James McMahonLibertarian Socialist Federation
668Marc TrainPALibertarian Socialist Federation
669Simpson BullimanLibertarian Socialist Federation
670Lewis BakerMILibertarian Socialist Federation
671Matt Blahn
672Jack RiosCAParty for Socialism and Liberation
673Amy HarlibNY
674Ben CutbankWIDeep Green Resistance Wisconsin
675Raymond Vanderlooy
676petr dannWI
677Robert AlleraffacILNO World Government
678Michael KellerNM
679Sue KellerNM
680Zaki YounisCAOdd Z Man
681Alexis Maestre-SaboritFLUnion for the Justice Laura Marx
682Jon CorlettFL
683pilar suarez
684bloodse bloodseNJ
685Alexis Maestre-SaboritFLUnion for the Justice Laura Marx