Hector Gamboa gives solidarity statement to Carlos Montes

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Hector Gamboa, an activist with the Comite Anti-Militarizacion (CAMi) in Chicago's Latino community, speaks about Carlos Montes Wednesday night, June 15. The occasion was a teach-in about Carlos and the struggle against the FBI and LA Sheriff's attack on him as he goes to trial tomorrow. A veteran of the same Chicano movement as Carlos, Hector spoke about the history of the Chicano movement nationally and in Chicago. The event was held in Lincoln United Methodist Church, where Emma Lozano and Walter Coleman are the pastors. Emma and Slim were present, along with 15 of the Fuerza Juventud, the youth group of the church. Joining Hector was his wife and compañera, Maria, as well as many other veterans of the immigrant rights and Chicano movements.

Hector has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but he wished to add his voice to all those that are rallying to defend Carlos.