What the FBI Left Behind

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The UpTake

Minneapolis, MN My 18, 2011. A press conference at the offices of the Anti-War Committee office today revealed an interesting remnant of the FBI raids on peace activists in Minneapolis and Chicago on September 24, 2010. They left copy of the the FBI SWAT team operational plan and the set of questions that was to be asked of the targets if any had agreed to talk to the FBI agents. These documents were discovered on April 30 in the home of Lindon Gawboy and Mick Kelly when they were searching through the file cabinets that had been ransacked by the FBI. The plans reveal that the agents were to assume Kelly and Gawboy armed and dangerous so the entered the home with machine guns and assault rifles. They battered down the door and then removed about 11 boxes of personal material, files, computers, cell phone and Kelly’s passport. The cell phone has been returned bu no other property including his passport. The “arsenal of weapons” the agents were told to expect was one rifle and one licensed hand gun.