Resist FBI and Grand Jury repression: Come to the regional organizing conferences

Flyer for regional conferencesAnti-war activism and international solidarity are not crimes

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Join us for the regional organizing conferences to push back against the government repression that has been unleashed on anti-war and international solidarity activists.

Hold this date - the locations and times for the regional conferences will be announced soon.

On September 24, 2010, the FBI raided homes in Minneapolis and Chicago, and the office of the Twin Cities Anti War Committee. To date, a total of 23 activists have received summons to appear before a Grand Jury run by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Many of those targeted are activists who stand in solidarity the Palestinian and Colombian people. Their ranks include anti-war, trade union and community leaders. Patrick Fitzgerald wants to turn the clock back to the 1950s and play the role of Joe McCarthy - his aim is to put activists in prison for their political beliefs. This is an attack on everyone who is working for peace, justice and equality. We cannot allow the government to get away with this.

Committee to Stop FBI Repression

For more information go to or call 612-379-3585


Speeches at Chicago conference on Youtube

Submitted by Jo from Belgium.

Submitted by Jo from Belgium.