New Song: Hands Off the Movement by Jen Waller with Earthdriver

Jen Waller

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Hands Off The Movement

by Jen Waller with Earthdriver

Digital Track

Please share this song widely, it is meant to raise awareness and advance the struggle against government repression of antiwar and solidarity activists. This song was written in response to the recent FBI raids, subpoenas, and secret grand jury targeting antiwar and solidarity activists. These recent attacks on activists takes place in the context of a long history of repression of people working for social, environmental, and economic justice. This song is dedicated to all who have ever, and are currently working to end oppression. We shall not be moved!

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If you purchase this track, 100% of your donations will go to the Committee to Stop FBI Repression You can pay $1 or more for the song, and the more you donate, the more money goes into this struggle! This emergency group, the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, was set up by the targeted activists after the raids on September 24th, 2010. The group has grown considerably as more and more activists around the country are being subpoenaed and being called to grand jury proceedings. Every single person who has been targeted so far has refused to speak at the grand jury--therefore, they are in serious danger of facing jail time for contempt of court. Their dedication and solidarity must not go unnoticed! Please donate to this cause, the money will be going to their defense teams, and to do other organizing and awareness work.

Also, please participate in the National Day of Action to Protest FBI and Grand Jury Repression. You can find your local actions at, and if there is not one yet planned in your town, organize one!

SIGN the National Petition to Stop FBI Repression of Activists:

CALL President Obama (202-456-1111) and US Attorney General Eric Holder (202-353-1555) and demand: Stop the repression, Immediately return all confiscated materials, No grand jury proceedings on antiwar and solidarity activists!

released 14 January 2011

On bass: Jeremiah Hosea
On drums: Swiss Chris
On guitar: Jerome Jordan
Produced by: E.L. Copeland