Democracy Now: FBI Expands Probe into Antiwar Activists

Democracy NowDemocracy Now coverage December 23, 2010 of the expanding probe into anti-war activists with 4 new subpoenas issued in Chicago, IL this week. Video coverage includes interview with Maureen Clare Murphy, Tracy Molm, Coleen Rowley, and Mike German.

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The FBI’s probe into antiwar activists is growing. In September, FBI agents raided the homes and offices of activists in Chicago and Minneapolis. Subpoenas that were withdrawn have been reactivated, and a new subpoena was served to a Palestinian solidarity activist in Chicago. We speak with two of the people targeted and two former FBI agents.

Maureen Clare Murphy, Chicago journalist and Palestinian solidarity activist.

Tracy Molm, Minneapolis-based peace activist. FBI agents raided her home and seized belongings in September. Prosecutors have now reactivated her subpoena.

Coleen Rowley, former FBI special agent and whistleblower.

Mike German, National Security Policy Counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. He was an FBI agent specializing in domestic counterterrorism from 1988 to 2004.