Holiday Fundraising Appeal to Stop FBI Repression

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression is asking you to make a special holiday donation today

Hello friends,

Across the country, people are celebrating holidays, gathering together with friends and family, hoping for a world of peace and prosperity. For the anti-war and international solidarity activists whose homes were raided by the FBI and who were subpoenaed to the Grand Jury, these holidays are even more meaningful.
The children are hugged a little tighter and moments with loved ones are more precious. A pall hangs over what should be joyous family time, as U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald intensifies the witch hunt and expands the repression with more subpoenas.

In this real life drama, Patrick Fitzgerald is playing Scrooge, re-subpoenaing three Minneapolis women -- Tracy Molm, Anh Pham, and Sarah Martin -- and threatening them with jail. So far the three “choose to refuse” by not testifying at the Grand Jury. Fitzgerald is expanding the repression too, ruining more holidays by handing out subpoenas to young Jewish and Palestinian-Americans who took solidarity trips to Palestine. It is outrageous!

We need to do everything we can to stop this witch hunt, to defend the anti-war and other movements, and to keep our brothers and sisters out of jail. Please donate so we can pay the excellent lawyers representing the now 19 of us with subpoenas. The lawyers are doing hundreds of hours of work and with so many clients and the bills are adding up. Also, please give generously so we can continue to tour speakers, send delegations to the U.S. Congress, and organize protests to resist the Grand Jury repression.

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression is asking you to make a special holiday donation today at

Checks can be mailed to:

Committee to Stop FBI Repression
PO Box 14183
Minneapolis, MN 55414

We ask you to support those being targeted here at home and help us to shine a
light for people in other countries who are being abused and murdered by U.S.
war and occupation. We have friends who believe in us around the globe!

We wish you and your family a new year filled with peace and justice!

Thank you,

Tom Burke
Committee to Stop FBI Repression