Open Letter from Professors and Academics

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The following Open Letter from Professors and Academics was initiated by Students for a Democratic Society.

Dear Colleague, 

As you may know, on Friday, September 24, 2010, the FBI raided seven houses and an office in Chicago and Minneapolis, serving subpoenas to 14 anti-war and international solidarity activists from Minneapolis and Chicago to appear before a Grand Jury.

The raids were coordinated nationally, and many other activists have been visited and personally threatened by the FBI, in states such as Wisconsin, North Carolina, and California. These activists are being investigated under a law commonly referred to as ‘Material Support of Terrorism’. It is being used to intimidate these and other activists, unconstitutionally limiting the ability to criticize the foreign policies of the Federal Government. More information can be found at

This is a dangerous attack on the constitutional rights of free speech of every social justice, antiwar and human rights activist and organization in the U.S. today. Dissent, whether or not we agree with the views of those involved, is an important part of any democracy. This is especially true in one such as ours which claims to value the rights of the individual. One must have the freedom to criticize if one is to be free. Any incursion upon this freedom is dangerous to us all.

This suppression of civil liberties is aimed at anti-war activists, trade unionists, and those who dedicate their time and energy to supporting the struggles of the Palestinian and Colombian peoples against U.S. funded occupation and war. The activists are involved with many groups, including: the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee, the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Colombia Action Network, Students for a Democratic Society, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization. This is a dangerous national effort to shut down growing opposition to U.S. wars. It cannot be allowed.

The FBI and the U.S. government must end this campaign of intimidation against anti-war and international solidarity activists. I am outraged at this disrespect of democratic rights. I ask that you support the call to:

  • Stop the repression against anti-war and international solidarity activists.
  • Immediately return all confiscated materials: computers, cell phones, papers, documents, etc.
  • End the grand jury proceedings against anti-war activists.

As members of the academic community, many look to your leadership on these and other issues in our society. Please consider adding your name to the list of academics opposing the raids and grand jury; writing your Representatives in Government; donating money for legal defense; holding events in your community; and writing articles to the media to support these activists who care so much about the world we live in.


1Peter BohmerThe Evergreen State Collegefaculty, economics and poliitcal economyWAThe September 24th raids in Chicago and Minneapolis are an attack on the anti-war and solidarity movements and on all activists and organizers in these movements. It is the responsibility of all of us to stand up and support these people who are being seriously and unjustly harassed and face prison time for supporting global justice.
2Christina SabeeSan Francisco State UniversityAssociate Professor, Communication STudies
3Rebecca OpsataDiablo Valley CollegeProfessor of CommunicationCA
4Matthew WeinsteinUniversity of Washinton-TacomaProfessor of EducationWADissent and protest is the foundation of democracy, not its enemy
5Karen LovaasSan Francisco State UniversityAssociate ProfessorCA
6John TrumpbourHarvard Law SchoolResearch Director, Labor & Worklife ProgramMALet freedom ring. Give people back their telephones now!
7Martha AbyUniversity of MinnesotaCommunity Faculty in School of Social WorkMN
8john womack jrharvard universityprofessor of history, emeritusMA
9Richard RubensteinGeorge Mason UniversityUniversity Professor of Conflict Resolution and Public AffiarsDCThank you for conducting this important campaign.
10Gordon FellmanBrandeis UniversityProfessor of Sociology and Chair, Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence StudiesMAIt is flattering that peace activism threatens some people, but chipping away at it is chipping away at democracy itself.
11Gordon FellmanBrandeis UniversityProfessor of Sociology and Chair, Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence StudiesMAIt is flattering that peace activism threatens some people, but chipping away at it is chipping away at democracy itself.
12M.Brinton LykesBoston CollegeProfessor of Community-Cultural PsychologyMA
13Masao SuzukiSkyline CollegeProfessor of EconomicsCAI was one of those questioned by the FBI, but not subpoenaed or raided. At least one of my neighbors was also questioned when I refused to answer any questions, and the FBI agent said that he might ask my co-workers about me, which I saw as a threat to my academic freedom. I think that this is an outrageous fishing expedition and witch hunt aimed at criminalizing one's political views if they go against the government's policies of war and military support for oppressive regimes. I urge you to support the efforts of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.
14Jeffrey DixonTexas A&M University - Central TexasAssistant Professor of Political Science, Department of History & Political ScienceTXI am writing in my personal capacity to condemn the tactics being used by the FBI against antiwar and solidarity activists. As a political scientist, I know that today's Court might actually allow these tactics, but I also know that the deprivation of fundamental rights (whether the courts recognize such rights or not) is an assault on the dignity of the person. All humans have the rights of free association and free speech, whether the FBI likes it or not. The government must be sensitive when treading near these freedoms, but in this case it has trampled them, abusing the grand jury system in the process. This is a prime example of the problems with warrants that allow the seizure of computers and cell phones -- rather than in situ examination and copying strictly limited by protocols to preserve privacy.
15Paul DoshMacalester CollegeAssociate Professor of Political ScienceMN
16Craig HeinkeUniversity of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)Assistant Professor of PhysicsAs a US citizen, I'm horrified by the criminalization of dissent.
17Jigna DesaiUniversity of MinnesotaAssociate Professor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality StudiesMN
18Joanna OConnellUniversity of MinnesotaAssoc. Prof. Spanish
19Dr. Helen Hoy HoyUniversity of GuelphProfessor of English
20James DimockMinnesota State University, MankatoAssociate Professor of Communication StudiesMNAs a pacifist, I believe that we must always bear in mind the words of Kennedy, that "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." The suppression of lawful dissent will only make us safer any more than it will preserve freedom.
21Naomi SchemanUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor of PhilosophyMN
22Tracey DeutschUniversity of MInnesotaAssociate Professor of History
23Qadri IsmailUniversity of MinnesotaAssociate-Professor, EnglishMN
24John BoyerLafayette CollegeDebate Coach, Office of the DeanPA
25Peter RachleffMacalester CollegeProfessor of HistoryMN
26Jani ScanduraUniversity of MinnesotaAssociate Professor of EnglishMN
27Beth ClearyMacalester CollegeAssociate Professor of Theatre and DanceMN
28stanley aronowitzGraduate Center, City University of New YorkDistinguished Professor of Sociology and Urban EducationNYThose who refuse to learn from history are doomed to re-live it. It was Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat who persecuted Eugene V. Debs and raided the offices of anti-war dissenters. And MCarthyism began with the subversive lists of Harry Truman's Attorney General, J. Howard McGrath. The Republicans are always happy to let the Democrats take the lead and follow up. But the Red scare is a bi-partisan game.
29Joel WeisbergCarleton CollegeStark Prof. of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural SciencesMN
30Robin KelleyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaProfessor of History and American StudiesCA
31Chris ChiappariSt. Olaf CollegeAssociate Professor of Sociology and AnthropologyMN
32Teri CarawayCollege of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesAssociate Professor of Political ScienceMN
33Pamela ButlerUniversity of Notre DameVisiting Assistant Professor of American StudiesMI
34Eileen BorisUniversity of California Santa BarbaraHull Professor and Chair of Feminist StudiesCA
35michael peliasLong Island University BrooklynMember of Philosophy departmentNY
36Karin Aguilar-San JuanMacalester CollegeAssociate Professor of American StudiesMNThe attacks on anti-war and international solidarity activists in Minneapolis and Chicago are acts of repression that hamper democracy. Restore civil liberties now!
37David PellowUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor of SociologyMNSupport people's right to engage in free expression and dissent. These are among the foundational freedoms of any democracy and must be protected at all times.
38Robert EntenmannSt Olaf CollegeProfessor of History and Asian StudiesMN
39Clay SteinmanMacalester CollegeProfessor of Media and Cultural StudiesMN
40Robert Hullot KentorSchool of Visual ArtsChair, Program in Critical Theory and the ArtsNY
41Keya GangulyUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor of Cultural Studies and Comparative LiteratureMN
42Michael GoldmanUniversity of MinesotaAssociate Professor of SociologyMN
43Sarah HoltmanUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesAssociate Professor of PhilosophyMN
44Alice KimUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoAdjunct, Gender and Women's StudiesIL
45Daniel Cronn-MillsMinnesota State University, MankatoProfessor of Communication StudiesMN
46mark solomonharvard universitySheila Biddle Ford Foundation Fellow - W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American ResearchMA
47Elizabeth HooverSt. Olaf CollegeVisiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Environmental StudiesMN
48Mark JohnsonChicago State universityEmeritus Prof of EconomicsIL
49Lauren DeLandUniversity of MinnesotaPh.D candidate, Department of Art HistoryMN
50Eric SheppardUniversity of MinnesotaRegents Professor, GeographyMN
51Richard McCormickUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor and Chair, Dept. of German, Scandinavian & DutchMN
52Brandon InabinetFurman UniversityAssistant Professor of Communciation StudiesSC
53Mel RothenbergUniversity of ChicagoProfessor Emeritus of MathematicsILThese raids constitute an attempt to nip in the bud a broad but poorly articulated public opposition to an administration policy of reinvigorated imperialism and militarism. I fear that the raids are the first step in a relaunch of cold war repression which is intended among things to distract concern over the period of economic downturn and pain we have entered.
54Christine SalomonUniversity of MinnesotaAssistant Professor, Center for Drug DesignMN
55Peter WebbUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor of MathematicsMN
56Anne AbyMinnesota West Community & Technical CollegeProfessor of History & Pol Science, retiredMN
57Rose BrewerUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor of African American & African Studies
58Joan LiaschenkoUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor, Bioethics and Nursing
59Roderick StackelbergGonzaga UniversityProfessor of History, EmeritusWAStop the repression! Return confiscated materials! Stop judicial harassment!
60Suzanne BergBowling Green State UniversityGraduate AssistantOH
61Randall LakeUniversity of Southern CaliforniaAssociate Professor, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
62Chris Mato Nunpa, Ph.D. (RETIRED) Now, Community Faculty, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN 56258Associate Professor Indigenous Nations & Dakota Studies, in Social Studies Dept.MNFor a nation that purports to be a democratic nation which encourages free speech, I find it discouraging and outrageous that people cannot speak out against U.S. imperialistice and war-mongering policies without fear of FBI invading their homes and being arrested and without fear of other repressive activities by the U.S. government.
63Marcia JohnsonMinnesota West Community & Technical CollegeLibrarianMN
64Susan KangJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice/City University of New YorkAssistant Professor of Political ScienceNY
65Adrienne PineAmerican UniversityAssistant Professor of AnthropologyDC
66Joan GeroAmerican UniversityProfessor Emerita of AnthropologyMD
67August NimtzUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor of Political Science and African American and African StudiesMN
68Bruce BraunUniversity of MinnesotaAssociate Professor of Geography
69Walter ZeichnerBuena Vista UniversityAdjunct Professor, General StudiesVTIf we are to have a government of, by, and for the people, then the people must be able to freely redress their grievances, without reprisal or oppression, as guaranteed in the Constitution.
70George Ciccariello-MaherDrexel UniversityAssistant Professor of Political SciencePA
71Dennis PotterUtah Valley UniversityAssociate Professor of PhilosophyUT
72Samah SelimRutgers UniversityAssistant Professor of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Literatures
73Claudio MoralesUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleProfessor of Mathematics, Department of MathematicsALThe right to freely express our opinion is the foundation of a democratic system.
74Cheryl Avenel-NavaraMinnesota West Community and Technical CollegeCounselor--retiredMN
75Robert WallaceUniversity of MinnesotaVisiting Scholar, Institute for Global StudiesMN
76Harvey SarlesU. of MinnesotaProfessor of Culural Studies & Comp. Litl
77Mary AdamsUniversity of RochesterResearch Nurse, Department of MedicineNY
78Mike AlewitzCentral CT State UniversityAssociate Professor, Department of ArtCT
79benjamin pagequinnipiacprofessor of philosophyCT
80Philip GoldsteinUniversity of DelawareProfessor of English, Associate in Arts Program
81Eden TorresUniversity of MinnesotaAssociate Professor, Gender, Women and Sexuality StudiesMNThere is no freedom without the right to dissent.
82Mike KingUC - Santa CruzPhD candidateCA
83Michael SaccoUniversity of IllinoisVisiting Lecturer, School of Labor and Employment RelationsILThis is an outrageous attack on speech and the freedom of association. It represents a grave threat to the republic and must be stopped.
84Jane BlockerCLAAssociate Professor of Art HistoryMN
85Robert DobrowCarleton CollegeAssociate Professor of MathematicsMN
86Helen ScharberUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstPh.D. Candidate, EconomicsMA
87Emir BenliUMASS AmherstGraduate Student/ Comparative LiteratureMA
88Joel OlsonNorthern Arizona UniversityAssociate Professor of Politics & International AffairsAZ
89Jesse KnutsonU.C. BerkeleyPostdoctoral Fellow, Department of South and Southeast Asian StudiesCA
90David VineAmerican UniversityAssistant Professor of AnthropologyDC
91Chris CourtheynUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillPh.D. Candidate, Department of GeographyNC
92Lawrence GrossbergUniversity of North Carolina Distinguished Professor of Communication StudiesNC
93Altha CraveyUniversity of North CarolinaAssociate Professor of GeographyNC
94Sara SmithUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillAssistant Professor of GeographyNC
95Scott KirschUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillAssociate Professor of GeographyNC
96Renee CraftUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HIllAssistant Professor of CommunicationNC
97Steve MacekNorth Central CollegeAssociate Professor, Speech CommunicationIL
98Sebastian CobarrubiasUNC-Chapel HillPost Doctoral Research Fellow-Department of GeographyNC
99shamshad ahmadstate university of new york at albanylecturer, physicsNYIt is very important that freedom of expression and spirit of the constitution are fully respected and maintained. It seems that the these values are being taken away, bit by bit, in the name of security.
100David KleinCalifornia State University, NorthridgeProfessor of MathematicsCA
101Ian BarnardCalifornia State University, NorthridgeAssociate Professor of English
102Warren BlandCalifornia State University, NorthridgeProfessor Emeritus of GeographyOR
103Sirena PellaroloCalifornia State University, NorthridgeProfessor of Spanish and Latin American Cultural StudiesCA
104Traci SchlesingerDePaul UniversityAssistant Professor of SociologyILIt is through dissent that democracy breathes, stretches, sometimes even dances; without dissent, there is no democracy. If we allow the state to criminalize dissent, we are participating in the death of democracy.
105Alexandria WrightUC BerkeleyPhD student, RhetoricCA
106Michelle VanNattaDominican UniversityAssistant Professor of CriminologyIL
107Anna WoodardNotre DamePhD student, PhysicsIN
108stephen TillLondon Metropolitan UniversityVisiting Lecturer Department of Humanities, Arts and EducationSickened at what America is becoming.
109Juan Maria AlberdiUniversity of The Basque CountryLecturer, Materials Physics Department.Courage.
110Narine Mirijanian Baker CollegeAssociate DeanMI
111Ronald EdwardsDePaul UniversityVisiting Assistant Professor of Biological SciencesIL
112Ramsey KamarRice UniversityGraduate Student, Physics and AstronomyTXI am opposed to the intimidation of these anti-war activists. Maybe we should spend more energy prosecuting the unscrupulous bankers who are holding the U.S. population hostage and not a bunch of young people who are against killing human beings. What a backward society we are becoming!
113William NassarQueensProfessor of MusicologyVAWe Shall Overcome
114Jim HolstunSUNY BuffaloProfessor of EnglishNYTo those wantonly charged: please have courage. Thank you for standing up for all of us. To the Feds: back off, creeps. Lie down, take a nap, read the Constitution, and leave the thug life behind.
115Patrick BahlsUniversity of North Carolina, AshevilleAssociate Professor, MathematicsNCI stand proudly behind those with the courage to fight to uphold basic liberties we all take for granted.
116Rune OlwenUniversität FlensburgstudentLooks like Cold War all over again.
117Ori LivnehMCNYAdjunct Professor of EthicsNYI condemn this attack on the liberty of thought and opinion.
118Kristi WilsonSoka University of AmericaWriting Program DirectorCA
119Phil RocheSouthern Utah UniversityAssistant Professor - Instructional Services LibrarianUTFree speech is absolutely essential and one of the hallmarks of the United States.
120Santiago ZabalaUniversity of BarcelonaICREA Research Professor of Philosophy
121David McMurrayOregon State UniversityAssoc. Professor, AnthropologyORIt is chilling to think that speaking out and organizing against US government policies are being equated with support for terrorism.
122Jukka J. RintalaUniversity of Turku, FinlandStudent of Philosophy & Humanities
123Kaveh EhsaniDePaul UniversityAssistant Professor of International StudiesIL
124Shailja SharmaDePaul UniversityInternational Studies
125Michael McIntyreDePaul UniversityAssociate Professor and Director, International Studies ProgramIL
126Christopher HunterGrinnell CollegeProfessor of SociologyIA
127Julie WalkerMinnesota State University, MankatoGTA, CommunicationMN
128Michael DenningYale UniversityProfessor of American StudiesCT
129Manuel Barrera, PhDMetropolitan State UniversityAssociate ProfessorMN
130Mark LauseUniversity of CincinnatiProfessor, Department of HistoryOHThe Justice Department that trembles to investigate, much less prosecute those who deliberately lied this country into war now turn to bullying those of its own citizens daring to notice. For shame.
131Matthew BewigUniversity of FloridaPhD Candidate, HistoryMO
132Julieanna ThompsonUniv. of Oregonformer "Editor II", Sch of Educ Admin./Psych; MA candidate Interdisc StudiesCAAnd the 'transgressions' of these dissenters?
133Pankaj MehtaBoston UniversityAssistant Professor of PhysicsMA
134Jonneke KoomenWillamette UniversityAssistant Professor, Politics DepartmentOR
135Jonneke KoomenWillamette UniversityAssistant Professor, Politics DepartmentOR
136Paul Di StefanoJohn Abbott CollegeProfessor, Department of Humanities, Philosophy and Religion
137Jeffery R. WebberQueen Mary, University of LondonPolitics and International Relations
138Shiera MalikDePaul UniversityAssistant Professor International StudiesIL
139john weberElmhurst collegeProfessor, Art departmentILThe harrassment of citizens for legal behavior, legal association and legal travel, without any hint of illegal activity is outrageous and completely unjustified. The FBI appears to have returned to its old tricks of targeting citizens solely on the basis of their criticism of current government foreign policy. This is completely unconstitutional and immoral. Apparently the FBI STILL does not understand that it is not a political secret police in a totalitarian state, but is, or ought to be, an agency of law enforcement, itself subject to law, dedicated to upholding the constitutional rights and liberties and itself subject to constitutional restrictions. Let us hope that Mr. Holder is not going to lead the Justice Department back into the witch-hunting, race-baiting, union-busting days of J.Edgar's stinking swamp.
140Cameron MerrillUniversity of GeorgiaGraduate Student of Comparative PoliticsGAIt will be nice when people in power realize that their authoritarian overreach works against them in so ways. This hubris, while harmful to many, is how resistance movements are formed. I believe this to be an indication of their lack of intelligence.
141Tekla LewinSyracuse UniversityProfessor of Mathematics, EmeritusOH
142Howard BeethTexas Southern UniversityProfessor, Department of HistoryTX
143David A. SmithUniversity of California at IrvineProfessor of SociologyCA
144Kenneth KincaidPurdue University North CentralAssistant Professor of HistoryIN
145Judith WittnerLoyola UniversityProfessor of SociologyIL
146Farah JaleelHarper CollegeAdjunctIL
147Peter SmithSaint Mary's College, Notre Dame, INProfesor Emeritus of MathematicsIN
148JD FinePittsburgh Theological Seminary Master of Divinity studentPA
149JD FinePittsburgh Theological Seminary Master of Divinity studentPA
150Richard GrossmanNortheastern Illinois UniversityInstructor, HistoryIL
151Marc BeckerTruman State UniversityProfessor, HistoryMO
152Robert ShafferShippensburg University of PennsylvaniaAssociate Professor of HistoryPA
153Edrene McKayNWACCProfessor of HistoryARPeace activism is not a crime.
154Margaret PowerIllinois Institute of TechnologyProfessorIL
155Mark Hatlievarious U.S. institutionsadjunct instructor, history and political science
156Jerise FogelMontclair State UniversityAdjunct Professor of ClassicsNY
157Martin MelkonianHofstra UniversityAdj.Assoc.ProfessorNYEnd the repression of anti-war activists
158Felix Masud-PilotoDePaul UniversityProfessor of History IL
159Diane ShammasUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLecturer, American Studies and EthnicityCA
160Fabien TarritUniversité de Reims, FranceAssistant Professor of EconomicsSolidarity from France
161David CrumpCalvin CollegeProfessor of ReligionMIThese raids have violated the most fundamental principles of American civil liberties. It is another step down the road to tyranny and the death of democracy.
162Rebecca ZorachUniversity of ChicagoAssociate Professor, Art HistoryIL
163Massimo Mandolini-PesaresiSaddleback CollegeAssociate faculty in ItalianCADo not turn this country into a China-like state!
164Nada EliaAntioch UniversityProfessor, Global StudiesWA
165Dennis KortheuerCalifornia State University, Long Beachlecturer, HistoryCA
166Stephen CampbellJohns Hopkins UniversityChair, History of ArtMD
167Stephen SiegelUniversity of DelawareAssistant Professor, Department of Computer & Information SciencesDE
168Steve MacekNorth Central CollegeAssociate Professor of Communication and Coordinator, Urban and Suburban StudiesIL
169Jason LoviglioUniversity of Maryland Baltimore CountyAssociate Professor, American StudiesMD
170James MayhewUniversity of Maryland Baltimre CountyFaculty, Visual ArtsMD
171Brian DolberUniversity of IllinoisPhD Candidate, Department of CommunicationIL
172Anne PhillipsRowan UniversityAssistant Professor of EducationPA
173irene gendzierboston universityprofessor in the department of political scienceMA
174Charles YoungSouthern Arkansas UniversityAsst. Prof. HistoryARMaterial aid to terrorists? You think they are doing bake sales to fund Colombians? Ha.
175Peter BuckinghamLinfield CollegeProfessor of HistoryOR
176Mary Ann CatonUniversity of Pittsburgh, TitusvilleAssistant Professor of HistoryPATo paraphrase Archibald Macleish: The dissenter is the person who resigns from the herd in order to think for herself.
177Daniel H. CalhounUniversity of California, DavisEmeritus professor of historyCA
178Andrew Lee FeightShawnee State UniversityAssociate Professor of HistoryOH
179Thomas DublinState University of New York at BinghamtonDistinguished Professor, History DepartmentPA
180Judith SmithUniversity of Massachusetts BostonProfessor of American StudiesMA
181Jennifer Van BergenSanta Fe CollegeAdjunct English ProfessorFL
182Peter GilmoreCarlow UniversityAdjunct Lecturer in HistoryPA
183Nathan GodfriedUniversity of MaineProfessor of HistoryME
184Kit HolderRowan UniversityAss't professor, teacher EducationNJ
185Sandra JonesRowan UniversityAssociate Professor in Sociology DepartmentNJ
186David R ApplebaumRowan University Professor of History PAOne can hope that the American Historical Association - having adopted resolutions on free and unfettered discussion - can and will express unqualified opposition to the abuse of state power and the shameful manipulations of fear and terror associated with the assaults on civil liberties.
187David LelyveldWilliam Paterson UniversityProfessor, HistoryNY
188Sherna Berger GluckCalifornia State University, Long BeachEmerita, Department of HistoryCA1950s deja vu
189Scott LadermanUniversity of Minnesota, DuluthAssistant Professor of HistoryMN
190Bill FreindRowan UniversityAssociate Professor of EnglishNJ
191Imogen MichelUniversity of EdinburghMSc Candidate in Modern British and Irish History
192Kristen HoerlButler University Assistant Professor of CommunicationIN
193Casey KellyButler UniversityVisiting Assistant Professor of Media, Rhetoric, and CultureIN
194Sarah RyanThe Evergreen State CollegeMember of the FacultyWA
195M. Thandabantu IversonIndiana University NorthwestAssistant Professor, Labor Studies ProgramIN
196Kim ScipesPurdue University North CentralAssistant Professor of SociologyIL
197Paul MishlerIndiana UniversityAssociate Professor of Labor StudiesKS
198William MelloIndiana UniversityAssociate Professor, Labor StudiesIN
199Benjamin BalthaserIndiana University-South BendAssistant Professor of EnglishIN
200Niall TwohigUCSDGraduate Student, Literature DepartmentCA
201Laura TanenbaumLaGuardiaAssistant Professor of EnglishNY
202Christopher VialsUniversity of ConnecticutAssistant Professor, EnglishCT
203James KimFordham UniversityAssistant Professor of EnglishNY
204Judith AbbottSonoma State UniversityProfessor of HistoryCABring back the Constitution and Bill of Rights!
205Judy AncelUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityDepartment of EconomicsMODirector of Labor Studies
206Kevin AndersonUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraProfessor of Sociology, Political Science, and Feminist StudiesCA
207Immanuel NessBrooklyn College, City University of New YorkProfessor, Political ScienceNY
208Nancy GallagherUniversity of California Santa Barbara Professor historyCABeware of slippery slopes
209Jose SolerUMass DartmouthDirector Arnold M Dubin Labor Education CenterMA
210Kyla SchullerRutgers UniversityPostdoctoral Associate Women's & Gender StudiesNY
211Brian KlockeSUNY PlattsburghAssistant Professor of Sociology
212David LloydUniversity of Southern CaliforniaProfessor of EnglishCA
213Janet LindmanRowan UniversityProfessor of HistoryNJ
214Frederic LeeUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityProfessor of EconomicsMO
215Martin ComackMassachusetts Bay Community CollegeAdjunct Professor, Liberal arts InstituteMA
216Jeffrey BroadbentUniversity of MinnesotaAssociate Professor of SociologyMNPlease do not use government forces to harass and intimidate people in the anti-war and international solidarity movements.
217Peter HeronSaint Mary's; DalhousieProfessor (part-time), PhilosophyPlease, America, try to control your worst tedencies and try a little harder and in a more kindly manner to live up to the ideals at the foundation of your country. Terroriizing your own citizens in order to prevent them from helping the dispossesed of other nations does nothing to enhance your character
218Jennifer ShererUniversity of IowaDirector, Labor CenterIA
219Carlos MunozUniversity of California, BerkeleyProfessor Emeritus, Department of Ethnic StudiesCA
220Luis RamirezUC DavisDoctoral Student in the School of EducationCA
221Dorinda MorenoRetired: l970's, SFSU, DQU, Napa and Ohline Jr. Colleges, Professor/Founder La Raza Women's ClassProfessor/Founder, La Raza Women's ClassCA
222Marcy NewmanIndependent ScholarAssociate Professor of EnglishCA
223James CockcroftSUNYInternet Professor of History and Sociology
224Charles SchwartzUniversity of California, BerkeleyEmeritus Professor of PhysicsCA
225Rosaura SanchezUniversity of California, San DiegoProfessor, Department of LiteratureCA
226Janet FishmanRowan UniversityAdjunct (French), Department of Foreign Languages and LiteraturesPAPeaceful protest is our constitutional right.
227Sirena PellaroloCalifornia State University, NorthridgeProfessor of Spanish and Latin American Cultural StudiesCA
228Francisca James HernandezPima Community CollegeInstructional Faculty, Social SciencesAZIt is absurd to have to send a petition of this sort in a democracy. That we must is telling of the kind of democracy we have or, more precisely, the lack of it. Power to the people!
229Jessica LozanoUniversity WashingtonGraduate Student, AnthropologyWA
230Fran AnsleyUniversity of Tennessee College of LawDistinguished Professor EmeritusTN
231Rodolfo D. TorresUniversity of Califiornia, IrvineProfessor of Urban PlanningCA"An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot". Thomas Paine
232Richard HarrisCalifornia State University Monterey BayProfessor Emeritus of Global StudiesCAThe recent wave of raids, harrassment and intimidation of anti-war and international solidarity activists and the serving of of subpoenas against activists from Minneapolis and Chicago to appear before a Grand Jury carried out by the FBI and the Justice Department represent a dangerous attack on the constitutional rights of free speech of every social justice, antiwar and human rights activist and organization in the U.S. today. Dissent, whether or not we agree with the views of those involved, is an important part of our democracy. The activists are involved with many groups, including: the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee, the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Colombia Action Network, Students for a Democratic Society, and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. They harken back to the illegal and criminal actions undertaken by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies during the Vietnam War period. The FBI and the federal government must stop this outrageous campaign of repression against anti-war and international solidarity activists. It threatens the civil rights of not only those most directly affected but all Americans of all political persuasions. I join other academics around the country in demanding an immediate end to this repression of anti-war and international solidarity activists, and the mmediate return of all confiscated materials: computers, cell phones, papers, documents, etc, as well as the grand jury proceedings against the individuals involved.
233Robert AustinUniversity of MelbourneFellow, School of Historical StudiesRumours of McCarthyism's demise appear to have been exaggerated. What a trail of shame! All strength to our activist-colleagues.
234Dale L. JohnsonRutgers UniversityProfessor Emeritus, SociologyOutrageous!!!!
235erica polakoffBloomfield CollegeProfessor, Sociology and Women's StudiesNJInvstigation, arrest and repression against anti-war and solidarity activists is a violation of our First Amendment rights. Thus, I urge you to end investigation, arrest and repression against anti-war and international solidarity activists and to immediately return all confiscated materials: computers, cell phones, papers, documents, etc.You must end the grand jury proceedings against anti-war activists. Anit-war activists want peace not war.
236Thomas F. Slaughter, Jr.Bloomfield College, New JerseyProfessor of PhilosophyNJDefend the Light.
237beatrice pitauniversity of california, san diegoLecturer, Department of LiteratureCAStop the madness!
238Michael Benitez Jr.Iowa State UniversityDoctoral Student, Educational Leadership and Policy StudiesIA
239Dale MelcherUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstLabor Educator, Labor CenterMA
240Mayo ToruñoCalifornia State University, San BernardinoProfessor and Chair of Economics DepartmentCA
241Nancy RoseCalifornia State University - San BernardinoProfessor Emeritus, EconomicsCA
242Manuel CallahanUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraAdjunct, Chican@ StudiesCA
243Monica MartinsUniversidade Estadual do CearaProfessora de Ciencia Política, Departamento de Ciencias Sociais
244Victor M. RodriguezCalifornia State University, Long BeachProfessorCAAs a supporter of the expansion of democracy in the United States, I urge you to respect the rights to free expression by anti-war activists. We can't return to the past of COINTELPRO which led to the narrowing of civil liberties decades ago.
245Jonathan DregniUniversity of MinnesotaAssistant Scientist, EntomologyMN
246Malaquias MontoyaUniversity of CA, DavisProfessor EmeritusCA
247Judith BirgenChicago State UniversityAssociate Professor of SociologyIL
248Scott KurashigeUniversity of MichiganAssociate Professor of American Culture and History, Director of Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies ProgramMI
249Robert PriceCity College of San FranciscoProfessor of ChemistryCA
250Kimberly AlidioSt. Edwards UniversityAdjunct Professor of the HumanitiesTX
251Raya FidelUniversity of WashingtonProfessor of Information ScienceWA•Stop the repression against anti-war and international solidarity activists. •Immediately return all confiscated materials: computers, cell phones, papers, documents, etc. •End the grand jury proceedings against anti-war activists.
252Kathryn Babayanuniversity of MichiganAssociate Profesor Near Eastern Studies 7 historyMI
253Sharon HowellOakland UniversityProfessor of CommunicationMI
254Jonathan AppelTiffin UniversityAssociate Professor, Psychology and Crminal JusticeOH"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both."
255Carrie WaaraCastleton State CollegeProfessor of HistoryVT
256Angela ValenzuelaUniversity of Texas at AustinProfessorTX
257Carla J. MagnusonSt. Cloud State UniversityAdjunct Professor Human Relations and Multicultural EducationMN
258Eugene CarrollCornell University - School of Labor & Industrial RelationsCo-Director, Union Leadership InstituteNY
259Susan WilliamsNew York Medical CollegeAssistant Professor of MedicineNYThe attempt to suppress and intimidate dissent is destructive and shameful. The FBI and other government institutions must cease and desist harassment of movement activists. End the grand jury inquisition.
260Dennis KortheuerCalifornia State University, Long Beachlecturer, HistoryCA
261Michael EisenscherLaney College - Peralta Community College DistrictInstructor - Labor StudiesCADid I fall into a tear in the fabric of time and have been thrust back to 1953? Or is it some time during the Nixon Administration? Obama, Holder & Co. ought to read up on what happened to Joe McCarthy and Tricky Dick.
262Sigrid SchmalzerUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstAssociate Professor, History DepartmentMA
263Joe BerryU of Illinois, Urbana-Champaignlaid off as of 8/15/10 as Labor Education Specialist, labor Education ProgramCA
264Rosalind BresnahanCalifornia State University San Bernardinoretired, Dept. of Communication StudiesCA
265Amy WarehamCalifornia State University San BernardinoBiology Pre-Med StudentCAPlease allow these activists the same freedom of speech that you have allowed to the tea party activists. Fair is fair. If a tea partier can bring a gun to a rally, a peace activist ought to be able to peacefully protest anything.
266Alfred KaganUniversity of Illinois, Urbana/ChampaignAfrican Studies Bibliographer and Professor of Library AdministrationIL
267Ellie EppGoddard CollegeIndividualized MA facultyCA
268Steve MarquardtSouth Dakota State UniversityDean of Libraries EmeritusMN
269Eva SwidlerGoddard CollegeFaculty Advisor, IBA programPA
270Michael TruscelloMount Royal UniversityAssistant Professor, English
271Vernon MogensenKingsborough Community College, City University of New YorkProfessor of Political ScienceNY
272Patrick CuninghameUniversidad Autonoma MetropolitanaSociology LecturerI oppose and condemn the subpoenering of political activists. The FBI and the US Government must not be allowed to abuse the US Constitution and the freedom and political and civil rights of these activists.
273Kathleen McAfeeSan Francisco State UniversityAssociate Professor, International RelationsCA
274Marcelo GarzoUC BerkeleyGraduate Student, Ethnic StudiesCA
275Kevin EscuderoUniversity of California, BerkeleyPhD Student, Ethnic StudiesCA
276Jan ClausenGoddard CollegeHalf-Time Faculty, Master of Fine Arts in WritingNYUnder the banner of the fighting terror, our most basic rights to freedom of thought, expression, and effective dissent are being eroded at a terrifying rate. The freedom to say that imperial wars are wrong, that the vast imbalance in the sharing of earth's resources is wrong, that ecocide is wrong, that capitalism is wrong, that the fundamental racism and contempt for working people embodied in the structural assaults on have-nots imposed in the name of economic "recovery" are wrong...that disdain for and attacks upon women and queer people and immigrants are wrong--this freedom is certainly not "academic," but academics do have a special obligation to speak out on the issues. That's so because (a) it's our job to think and talk about what's going on in the larger world; (b) we have the relative (very relative) privilege to speak and be heard by at least a modest circle of students, colleagues, readers; (c) in the absence of freedom to take action in the public world and to affect history, our supposed opportunity and obligation to promote "knowledge" becomes completely meaningless, or just a cover-up and a fundamental lie. It's time to stop the U.S. government's war on meaningful dissent, the escalation of which is one more in a long list of repugnant symptoms exhibited by a society completely unwilling to face the truth about itself and its position in the world.
277Katherine KingUniversity of alifornia at Los AngelesProfessor of Comparative LiteratureCATo an academic, few things are more important than free speech. Without free speech, there can be no exchange of ideas, no arguments that lead to new research and findings. It appears to me that the people you have subpoened have all been summoned because of their unpopular speech, since they are all, as far as I know, committed to non-violence. Your action, therefore, will have the effect of chilling speech. Please stop.
278Rosalyn BaxandallSUNY Old WestburyEmerita, Distinguished Teaching Professor of American Studies
279Mark MendozaMiami UniversityPHD candidate and TA, EnglishOH
280Les LevidowOpen University, UKSenior Research Fellow
281Dianne LaydenCentral New Mexico Community CollegeAdjunct faculty, English and Cultural StudiesNMI'm a semi-retired college professor who believes in civil rights and civil liberties.
282Amy KaminskyUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and of Global StudiesMN
283Naomi SchemanUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor of PhilosophyMN
284Michelle GarveyUniversity of MinnesotaGraduate Instructor of Gender, Women, & Sexuality StudiesMN
285Elaine Dorough JohnsonUniversity of Wisconsin-WhitewaterAssociate Professor of Spanish Emerita, Department of Languages and LiteraturesWIRepression of civil liberties and dissent cannot be tolerated in a democracy.
286Jessica R. BarnesThe Ohio State UniversityGraduate studentOH
287John HolstUniversity of St. ThomasAssociate ProfessorMN
288Mark ClintonHolyoke Community CollegeProfessor of Political ScienceMA
289Noam ChomskyMITInstitute Professor (retired), Linguistics & PhilosophyMA
290Rebecca HillKennesaw State UniversityDirector,MA program in American StudiesGA
291Rachel SilveyUniversity of Toronto Associate Professor, Geography and Planning
292Erik DavisMacalester CollegeAssistant Professor, Religious StudiesMN
293Laura PulidoUniversity of Southern CaliforniaProfessor of American Studies & Ethnicity
294R GodolleiMacalester CollegeProfessor of ArtMN
295Scott HileyNorthwestern UniversityAssistant Professor of FrenchIL
296Stephanie WeinerWright CollegeFoundational Studies - English teacherILThank you everybody !!!
297Gary PrevostCollege of St. Benedict/St. John's UniversityProfessor, Political ScienceMNI am in full support of all those who have been targeted and call on the government to end its actions against them.
298Bruce CampbellSt. John's UniversityAssociate Professor of Hispanic StudiesMN
299Amy HorwitzMedical University of South CarolinaAssistant Professor of OtolaryngologySC
300Rachel BillowitzNorthern Arizona UniversityLecturer, Health SciencesAZ
301Anthony NewkirkPhilander Smith CollegeAssistant Professor of History
302Peter GranTemple UniversityProf. of HistoryPALook back on the Palmer Raids, the McCarthy period and ask what did they achieve? The lives of many people were damaged; the reputation of the government suffered. History poured ridicule on the politicians and public servants involved. Why do we have to go through this again?
304Robert WassermanMichigan State UniversityProfessor of Mathematics EmeritusMI
305Jodi DeanHobart and William Smith CollegesProfessor of Political ScienceNY
306Jane GordonTemple UniversityAssistant Professor of Political SciencePA
307Rani NeutillYale UniversityPostdoctoral Associate, American StudiesCT
308jennifer denbowuniversity of new englandassistant professor of political scienceME
309Peter AmatoDrexel UniversityAssociate Teaching Professor
310Andrew KlimanPace UniversityProfessor of EconomicsNY
311Phil GasperMadison CollegeInstructor, HumanitiesWIThe Obama administration has continued and intensified Bush's attack on civil liberties. It is particularly important that academics speak out against these efforts to stifle dissent.
312Dimitria GatziaUniversity of AkronPhilosophy, Assistant ProfessorOH
313Helen HoyUniversity of Guelph, Ontario, CanadaProfessor of English
314Richard CurtisSeattle Central Community CollegeInstructor of PhilosophyWA
315Sujani ReddyAmherst CollegeFive College Assitant Professor of Asian/Pacific/American StudiesMA
316Agustin Lao-MontesUniversity of MassachusettsAssociate Professor, SociologyMA
317Michael J. Sullivan IIIDrexel UniversityProfessor of History and PoliticsPA
318Barbara CarsonMinnesota State University, MankatoFull Professor, Sociology and CorrectionsMN
319Leah RogneMinnesota State University, MankatoAssociate Professor of SociologyMN
320Jeff Arellano CabusaoBryant University Assistant Professor, Department of English and Cultural Studies RI
321Samantha MontgomeryUniversity of MichiganGraduate Student Instructor, Psychology and Women's StudiesMI
322Jesse MummNortheastern Illinois UniversityInstructorILAs educators and persons of conscience, how can we advocate for our students to become informed and involved in the democratic process, if we as a country persecute activists so politically? None of this level of repression has fallen on Tea Party members who openly and publicly advocate violence against the president. This begs the question then why it is only against those left of center. This needs to end now.
323Michael VavrusEvergreen State CollegeProfessor, Teacher Education and Political EconomyWA
324Arlen CareyWinona State UniversityAssociate Professor of Social WorkMNStop the abuse of our freedom of speech.
325Lin NelsonEvergreen State Collegefaculty, Environmental & Community StudiesWA
326Alan NasserThe Evergreen State CollegeProfessor emeritus, Political EconomyWAThe FBI raids on peaceful opposition is a direct repudiation of democracy. There is no evidence that the target groups are involved in illegal or threatening activity. The raids appear to be meant to stifle dissent as such. This is a very dangerous, police-state-like development. It must stop.
327Majia NadesanArizona State University, west campusProfessor of Communication Studies Division of Social and Behavioral StudiesAZWe must fight against the erosion of civil liberties before it is too late!
328David EwoldsenThe Ohio State UniversityProfessor, School of CommunicationOH
329Roger StahlUniversity of GeorgiaAssociate Professor of Communication StudiesGA
330Antonio VazquezUniversity of MinnesotaAssistant Professor of Political ScienceMN
331Lawrence GrossbergUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillDistinguished Professor of Communication StudiesNC
332Chad PearsonUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville adjunct history AL
333Anne Winkler-Morey Metro State University Community Faculty MN
334Komozi WoodardSarah Lawrence CollegeProfessor of History & Public PolicyNY
335Adam BledsoeUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillPhD Candidate in GeographyNCWaging war against anti-war activists is unfair and oppressive.
336James AndersonSouthern Illinois University CarbondaleDoctoral Student and Graduate Assistant in Mass Communication and Media ArtsIL
337John StachelBoston UniversityProfessor Emeritus of Physics, Director, Center for Einstein StudiesMA
338John BaldridgeThe Evergreen State CollegeMember of the FacultyWAAs a teacher of 20th Century US history, currently focusing on the era of Progressive politics in the United States during that period, I am acutely aware of our country's past violations of civil liberties regarding free speech and association. In the early 20th century, US citizens were jailed for speaking out against WWI, and for political speech in support of such groups as the Russian bolsheviks and German socialists. Both of these foreign groups sought, at the time, to promote democratic ideals in their homelands, just as the Palestinians do at present, through such institutions as the Palestinian Authority and its political groups, including the democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian Hamas party. Any threats to these groups' political and monetary support in the US is an unconscionable abrogation of our civil liberties as free citizens. In a country that allows members of the KKK to buy assault weapons, it is inconsistent to penalize people who support Palestinians through donations to pro-Palestinian support groups, backed by Hamas or other groups. So-called "material support of terror" laws are currently enforced as part of a political gambit aimed at suppressing particular views that are largely anti-Israeli government. I urge you to recognize that support (including monetary donations) for democratically elected groups in Palestine does not constitute a violation of US law. And if it does, you should recognize that such a law is a violation of our own country's principles of free speech and association. Dr. John Baldridge Olympia, WA
339Kurtis HagenSUNY PlattsburghAssistant Professor of PhilosophyNYDissent is not terrorism. War is.
340Carole BlairUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillProfessor of Communication StudiesNC
341Richard SchmittBrown UniversdityProfessor Emeritus, PhilosophyMAAs a refugee from Nazi Germany, I am appalled by the parallels between Fascist and US FBI behavior. The government must immediately rein in the threats to our traditional American liberties. The current assaults on intellectual and political freedoms makes it look as if the terrorists are winning. They are transforming our free government into a terrorist regime
342Conor HarrisonUniversity of North CarolinaGraduate Student, Geography
343Harry TargPurdue UniversityProfessor, Department of Political ScienceINAs a professor who teaches United States foreign policy I know of the deleterious consequences of domestic repression that stifled creative dissent against misguided policies in the 1940s,50s, and 60s. We must never return to those dark days and the recent FBI actions have taken us a long wasy down that dark road.
344Mabel GerganUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillGrad student in GeographyNC
345Lisa HeldkeGustavus Adolphus CollegeProfessor of Philosophy and Sponberg Chair of EthicsMN
346Pavithra KathanadhiUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillGraduate Student in GeographyNC
347Naomi SchillerTemple UniversityAssistant Professor of Anthropology
348Dayo GoreUniversity of Massachusetts-AmherstAssociate Professor, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
349Dayo GoreUniversity of Massachusetts-AmherstAssociate Professor, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
350Dan BergerUniversity of PennsylvaniaPostdoctoral Fellow, Annenberg School for Communication
351Jared StoryEast Tennessee State UniversityGraduate Student, Liberal StudiesTN
352Sean SmithEuropean Graduate SchoolDepartment of Biological Flow
353Hyacinth PielUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoTA in philosophyIL
354Kabby MitchellThe Evergreen State CollegeDance & African American StudiesWA
355Tyrus SmithThe Evergreen State CollegeEnvironmental StudiesWA
356Jeffrey HayesUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeProfessor of Art HistoryWISad to say, but this recalls the illegal and unconscionable FBI harassment that I and other members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War experienced 40 years ago!
357Nancy FeraldiKaplan UniversityOnline Instructor, Composition, School of Health SciencesFL"You know my friends, there comes a time when people get tired of being trampled by the iron feet of oppression. . . " Dr. Martin Luther King
358Sara RamirezUniversity of California, BerkeleyGraduate student in Ethnic StudiesCA
359Lori Rodriguez, Ph.D.Our lady of the lake universityCoordinator - mcnair scholars programTX
360Lawrence MosquedaThe Evergreen State CollegeProfesso, Political Economy and Social ChangeWA
361Fred EvansDuquesne UniversityProfessorPA
362Amanda KlepperUniversity of North CarolinaGraduate student, GeographyNC
363Jared McBrideUCLAPh.D. Candidate, History Dept.NJ
364Annemarie MulkeyUniversity of Texas at San AntonioAcademic Coach
365Jimmy Casas KlausenUniversity of Wisconsin--MadisonAssistant Professor of Political ScienceWI
366Raya FidelUniversity of WashingtonProfessor, Information SchoolWA
367Lisa HagerUniversity of Wiscons-WaukeshaAssistant Professor of English and Women's StudiesWI
368Margaret RozgaUniversity of Wisconsin WaukeshaProfessor of EnglishWI
369Timothy TheringUW-WaukeshaAssociate Professor of HistoryWI
370M. Thandabantu IversonIndiana University Labor Studies Program/School of Social WorkAsst. Prof. of Labor StudiesINThe rights to have and express opinions, independently and without interference--without fear of government harassment or torture--are not merely civil, but human. We call upon the offices and personnel of the U.S. government to uphold, and not violate these human rights!
371Carlos MunozUC BerkeleyProfessor Emeritus, Department of Ethnic StudiesCA
372Tom LewisUniversity of IowaProfessor of Spanish and International StudiesIA
373Kristina PennistonUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonAssociate Scientist, School of Medicine & Public HealthWIEnd the attacks on U.S. citizens and others struggling for peace and justice in the world.
374Marty RothUniversity of MinnesotaProfessor emeritus of English
375Fred ThulinUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoLearning Center Director, MathematicsIL
376Joe Dowling Nassau Community College Professor, English Dept. NYStop the harassment of legitmate anti war speech and human rights solidarity actions. Uphold our First Amendment rights.
377benjamin haasLouisiana State UniversityGraduate Teaching Assistant of Communication and Performance StudiesLA
378John RiceUniversity of North Carolina WilmingtonAssociate Professor, SociologyNCFree speech still matters.
380Jack StaffordEmmanuel CollegeProfessor of PhilosophyTN
381Conor Tomás ReedBaruch College/City University of New YorkAdjunct Lecturer, English DepartmentNY
382Stephen LebersteinBrooklyn College/CUNYdjunct Professor of Political ScienceNY
383Juliana Hu PeguesUniversity of MinnesotaPh.D. Candidate, American StudiesMN
384Robin BrownUniversity of MinnesotaMorse-Alumni Professor of Cultural Studies and Comparative LiteratureMN
385Bianet CastellanosUniversity of MinnesotaAssistant Professor of American StudiesMN
386Hoon SongUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesAssistant ProfessorMN
387Crystal BartolovichSyracuseAssociate Professor of English
388Amy LangSyracuse UniversityProfessor of EnglishNY
389Timothy BrennanUniversity of Minnesota- Twin CitiesProfessor -- Cultural Studies & Comparative LiteratureMNAll American citizens have an urgent interest in demanding that these searches and this intimidation of dissidents stop. We should instead encourage more of our fellow citizens to join the protesters in condemning the illegal wars and denial of constitutional rights that have characterized government in the United States for the last three decades, but especially lately. We demand that the subpoenas be withdrawn and those who issued them be investigated for possible crimes, for they are clearly a violation of American law as written in our constitution. Our democracy depends on vigorous opposition to these measures.
390David DowningIndiana University of PennsylvaniaProfessor of EnglishPA
391Louis MendozaUniversity of MinnesotaAssociate Professor, Chicano StudiesMN
392Lon OttoUniversity of St. ThomasProfessor of EnglishMN
393Eric VazquezCarnegie MellonPhD Student, Literary & Cultural Studies ProgramPA
394Daniel VukovichHong Kong UniversityAsst Professor, Comparative Literature
395Auritro MajumderSyracuse UniversityPhD StudentNY
396Peggy PondUniversity of MinnesotaUndergraduate Community Program Assistant, College of Education & Human Development MN
397Laura WnkielUniversity of Colorado at Boulder Associate Professor of English CO
398Angela ToddCarnegie Mellon UniversityArchivist/Sr. Research Scholar, Hunt Institute for Botanical DocumentationPA
399Peter GardnerSMC Romeadjunct Lecturer in Humanities
400Suzanne GardinierSarah Lawrence CollegeWritingNY
401Young AnUniversity of St. ThomasAssociate Professor of EnglishMN
402Kanishka ChowdhuryUniversity of St. ThomasAssociate Professor of English
403Sandeep BanerjeeSyracuse UniversityPhD Candidate in EnglishNY
404Karyn BallUniversity of AlbertaProfessor of English and Film Studies
405richard danielsoregon state universityemeritus associate professor of EnglishOR
406richard danielsoregon state universityemeritus associate professor of EnglishOR
407Karen HoUniversity of MinnesotaAssociate Professor of Anthropology
408Chris JeppersonCentral UniversityMusic
409Patrick NoonanUC BerkeleyGraduate Student, EALC
410Terri GinsbergRutgers Universityadjunct professor, cinema studies
411Eugene HollandOhio State UniversityChair of Comparative StudiesOH
412Jason W. SmithKarl Marx University OnlineProfessor of ArchaeologyOKKeep up the good work!
413Barbara CarsonMinnesota State University, Mankato Professor and Chair, SociologyMN
414Margaret MatlinSUNY GeneseoDistinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology EmeritusNYI stand in solidarity with anyone targeted by the FBI for antiwar activities. We must resist the injustice and also the "chilling effect" of such FBI activities.
415Hicham SafieddineUniversity of TorontoPh.D. Candidate
416Helene GlazaAquinas CollegeStudent, HistoryMIThis hits home. Not only am I a student of Russian/Soviet History (which at one time could have gotten me in trouble), but I am striving toward being a professor of Russian/Soviet history. If nothing else, my professors taught me how to have an open mind and how to question the world in which we all live. The fact that this government (who imposes 'democracy' on everyone else) is taking away democratic rights and civil liberties is disgusting. When the time comes for me to share my passions with the world, I will not told back facts and figures (nor will I hold back my students for that matter) simply because this government is paranoid. My job as a professor would be to open minds with knowledge, not close them with the chains of fear and the padlock of ignorance. This reminds me of the Allegory of the Cave, in that while professors strive to pull their students out of the darkness of ignorance, this government seeks to push us all back in!
417Michael PickarSaint Cloud State UniversityGraduate Student, Social Responsibility Program (M.S.)MN
418Willie van PeerUniversity of MunichChair of Intercultural HermeneuticsI fully support the petition against the suppression of civil rights of anti-war activists, trade unionists, and those who dedicate their time and energy to supporting the struggles of the Palestinian and Colombian peoples against U.S. funded occupation and war.
419Eric RossThe George Washington UniversityProfessorial Lecturer in AnthropologyVA
420Dr. Martin E. RosenbergIndependent ScholarWriter and ScholarPAClearly, the precendent set by the trial of Steve Kurtz and Robert Ferrell, which I wrote about in 2004, a trial that ended with a federal judge practically accusing the US attorneys involved of prosecutorial misconduct before throwing the entire case out of court, continues. We need to make this activity as public and as transparent as possible to shame the justice department into ending these witchhunts!
421howard beethtexas southern universityprofessor of historyTX
422Roberta GoldFordham UniversityVisiting Assistant Professor of HistoryNY
423Johnny WilliamsTrinity College Associate Professor of Sociology CT
424Brad JonesUniversity of Michigan--Ann ArborGraduate Student--Communication StudiesMI
425Austin JacksonMichigan State University Assistant Professor, RCAHMI
426Polly KelloggSt. Cloud State UniversityAssociate Professor emeritus, Human Relations & Multicultural EducationMN When I publicized a sign making party for an anti-Iraq War march I received a mysterious call from someone I assume was from the FBI who asked about what we doing at the event. It was chilling. Homeland Security spent $50 million to create a police state for the RNC, complete with provocateurs and informants. We must speak up.
427John MunroHarvard UniversityCharles Warren Center Fellow
428Dorothy Engan-Barker (Scholtz)Minnesota State University, Mankato Professor Emerita, Dept. of Education
429connie cavaracommunity college of Allegheny CountyStudent of Nursing and Health SciencesPA
430G. Akito MaeharaEast Los Angeles CollegeAdjunct Professor of History, Asian American Studies, Chicano Studies, African American Studies, Native American Studies.CA
431Roderick ChristopherJefferson Community & Technical CollegeClinical Instructor, Pharmacy Technology KY
432Manuel CallahanUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraadjunctCA
433Edward FerroniBenedictine UniversityProfessor of ChemistryIL
434Paul HaederGreen River Community CollegeInstructor of EnglishWA
435Robert HaworthUniversity of Wisconsin-La CrosseAssociate Professor-Department of Educational StudiesWI
436Joan LandesPenn State UniversityProfessor, History and Women's StudiesPA
437Michelle GalesUniversity of Paris III, la Sorbonne nouvelle"Chargé de cours" English for Film Studies
438Kathleen McAfeeSan Francisco State UniversityAssociate Professor of International RelationsCA
439Andrew MadrigalUniversity of California, RiversideStudent in GeologyCA
440Nicholas AlexandrovThe George Washington UniversityDoctoral Student, HistoryDC
441Lucia MascorroTruman College - Chicago City CollegesAcademic Advisor & College InstructorIL
442John HagedornUniversity of Illinois- ChicagoProfessor, Criminology, Law, & JusticeIL
443Krista SteinfeldWindward CC of the University of Hawaiʻi SystemAdjunct, Hawaiian StudiesHI
444Jaclyn RodriguezOccidental CollegeProfessor of PsychologyCADemocracy.
445Norman S. CohenOccidental CollegeProfessor Emeritus Department of HistoryCA
446ernest rosenthalCSDHprof.emeritus of art, retiredCAI fully support the messages - explicit and implicit, in included statements.
447Dorcas HallerCommunity College of Rhode IslandProfessor/ LibraryRI
448Jon CorlettCannot Afford.Cannot Afford.FL
449Herbert Davisretired MnSCulaw enforcementMNfirst they came for the trade unionists......
450Frank WalterAmerican River CollegeEnglishORI am a retired member of the ARC staff (85 years old), but I support a just settlement for Palestinians, a two-state solution, and protection of Palestinian human rights.
451Traci SchlesingerDePaul UniversityAssociate Professor of SociologyIL
452Daniel Shaffer Former Professor Full-time of SOCIOLOGY at Harrisburg Area Community Collee & Part-time Penn State UniversityFormer SOCIOLOGY Professor, Lost Job, SOCIOLOGISTOHTHIS IS NOT A JOKE! My name is DANIEL E SHAFFER JR. I was born in the inner city of YORK PENNSYVANIA & raised by an Extremely poor working class family. I joined the U.S. Army in order to escape poverty. I earned 3 honorable discharges (88-96 & After 9/11 03-05). I am a third generation U.S. Army Veteran. I earned big 10 College Degrees in SOCIOLOGY. I am a SOCIOLOGIST. I am a former counselor to Children & families. I am a WHISTLEBLOWER. I filed WHISTLEBLOWER compaints Against HARRISBURG AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE in LANCASTER PHRC Case No.200800802 & EEOC Case No.17F200960329 Against the LANCASTER College (Intense Harassment & Discrimination Charges & Policy Violations). I was a full-time SOCIOLOGY Professor there. I was Experiencing BIZARRE HARASSMENT, (Staged Mobbing) at the College in Lancaster Pennsylvania for a very long time. I Filed WHISTLEBLOWER Complaints based on Intense BIZARRE Psychological Harassment, Discrimination & Policy Violations. Weird stuff was going on! Adults students from the Community were coming in & Harassing Me, while DEAN BRAD A WOLF "Christian" at HARRISBURG AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE in LANCASTER turned his back on me (READ Letter 6 of 8 in Series: The DISEASED ANIMAL: See No Evil: The CREEP SICK MIKIE MIC LANCASTER PA MANHEIM) and did Nothing to his Neighbors. Dean Brad A. Wolf would NOT help me when I was being Harassed. I was under ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE (my Emails Messages & Text Messages were HACKED into ILLEGALLY. This is True!), while being Intensely harassed. My Messages were taken ILLEGALLY & Parts of them were transcribed on to University of Delaware police reports creating a BIZARRE FALSE, UNTRUE Story about me. This was to manufacture bogus charge, SO i could be arrested & thrown in Prison and my house could be raided with NOBODY Home. This is true! You can find my 1-8 Letters in the COMMENTS Section on the Website Petition 2 congress Stop Workplace Mobbing and Community Based Harassment. I will have a Series of 1-8 letters posted in the Comments section, Scroll down. You can find me on LAW ENFORCEMENT CORRUPTION in the Comments Section of "WHATS WRONG WITH THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE?" PA STATE TROOPER RICHARD T DRUM, Presumed CHRISTIAN Busted in through the Window with NOBODY Home. This Happened in Lancaster, HERSHEY, Lebanon, South Central Pennsylvania into Delaware. It was during the same time frame you are giving above 2007-2010. It's was a HATE CAMPAIGN targeting me. STASI Like Tactics were Employed Against me. I filed Complaints Against the College SO there would be a record of the BIZARRE HARASSMENT, Stalking, Illegal Surveillance & Discrimination. I kept Journals. I was taken into an Empty Courtroom, Judge Jerome O Herlihy "CATHOLIC" 302-255-0800 & 302-255-0663 was present. It was Late Dec of 2010. I posted the COURT TRANSCRIPT on the Internet in LETTER 1-8 in Series:COURT TRANSCRIPTS. The Judge Knew there was Something going on, he was very disturbed, uneasy, & ANGRY by the behavior of both the Prosecutor & PUBLIC DEFENDER RAYMOND D. ARMSTRONG Christian/Freemason in WILMINGTON Delaware. It is CLEAR from the COURT TRANSCRIPTS Judge Herlily experienced something he did NOT like & Clearly disapproved of during that Late in December day in 2010. Read the COURT TRANSCRIPTS Posted on the Internet! My house was raided & broken into with nobody home. I was accused of being a terrorist. And then Bogus Charges were manufactured on me in another state. GOOGLE: DANIEL E SHAFER JR., SOCIOLOGY, PHRC Case No.200800802, EEOC Case No.17F200960329 Whistleblower ,Veteran, Illegal Surveillance, COINTELPRO Tactics, Harassment MOBBING. You will find something on me, The Diseased Animal, SICK MIKIE MIC, Jew Baiting, Hate Crime I was accused of being a TERRORIST by University of Delaware Security PETER J. LENHOFF. He Stated, "YOU WANTED TO BLOW UP THE UNIVERSITY of DELAWARE & KILL MORE KIDS THAN VIR TECH DIDNT YOU. SAY IT!" These DISEASED ANIMALS Made up this bogus Charge against me & then Busted into my house with NOBODY Home. Judge Jerome O Herlihy "CATHOLIC" just shook his head in WILMINGTON & Stated "YOU KNOW YOU ARE GUILTY OF THIS CHARGE, DONT YOU?" These DISEASED ANIMALS were doing all kinds of stuff to me. I am NOT kidding! A forensics Criminologist Dr. ROBERT G THOMPSON at the Delaware Psych clinic in New Castle verified I was telling him the truth. He looked at me as if he were looking at a GHOST. He face got white. & he stated I was extremely smart for doing what I did. I told him I was beng followed (STALKED) & Harassed but I was NOT sure who it was. So did a number of thing to gather evidence and trick them into giving me Evidence and Arresting me. Read my series of 1-8 Letters Posted...Please call me! I was thrown on the floor of a prison and then they found out through the neighborhood watch group nobody was home and busted in through the window. These DISEASED ANIMALS were spreading rumors that I was DANGEROUS, A TIME-BOMB, A LOOSE CANNON, Unstable, On Drugs, a racist, Aggressive & that I had WEAPONS. And then busted into my house! I have never owned a gun in my life... These Diseased ANIMALS are BLACK BALLING & BLACK LISTING me, framed me for crimes and even set it up so I had a FIXED Attorney. I am NOT kidding! Please Read the series of letters 1-8 I had posted...
453Robert MillerThe Catholic University of AmericaAssociate Professor of Theology
454david guytonnoneentrapped and harrassed by federal authorities for 10 yearsGAi have a 100% proof of the vile and illegal activites the federal authorities committ. my number is 4049154844, my fathers is 7709744825 in case im dead?
455Arrigo ColomboUniversità del Salento, Lecce, ItalyProfessor, Philosophy
456Al AgueroBinghamton UniversityPhD Canidate/TA for Comparative LiteratureNY