Rasmea Odeh is a 67 year old Palestinian American community leader who was tortured by the Israelis in 1969.

On November 10th in front of supporters in the courtroom, US marshals placed Rasmea in handcuffs and under arrest. She will be detained until her sentencing, which is set for March 10, 2015. Our immediate and urgent task is to fight for her release from jail.

Though Rasmea has been unjustly convicted, her struggle is far from over.

Wednesday, November 12-18:
National Week of Action to #FreeRasmeaNow!

Members of the Rasmea Defense Committee from Chicago and Detroit / Dearborn just welcomed Rasmea back from 5 weeks in a Port Huron,...
After close to an hour-long deposition, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Tukel withdrew his motion to challenge the bond to be posted for...

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